Alan Vega Live at the Roundhouse Freedom Studio 16.6.07.

In the Freedom Studio with HTRK.


This was a free gig as apparently whoever the

Corporate sponsors where believed we deserved to

see Alan Vega for free and who are we to argue.


This gig took place in the Freedom Studio which

is one of the spaces in the Undercroft of the

Roundhouse and is a smallish room.


First band on HTRK were annoying in the extreme

especially the singer a woman who spent almost

the whole set with a look of blank indifference

on her face and as well as singing she hit a floor

tom drum with a maraca while the two blokes in

the band played bass and guitar and the guitar

player also hit the buttons on the effects laden

drum machine thingy, they were awful and annoying

a load of old noise!!

By the second song we were taking the piss out of the singers drumming

ability and asking how many hours a day it took

her to learn her part, they reminded me of Gang

Gang Dance and were almost as bad as them too, we

escaped to the bar about two thirds of the way

through there set it was awful!


Then it was time for Alan Vega who is promoting

his new solo lp The Knife I think, but didn’t have any to sell with

him! He was backed by his wife Liz Lamere who was

playing a table of effects and sample triggers

and some sort of electronic theremin thingy to

manipulate the walls of sound and squalls of

noise coming at us while Alan ranted and raved

and proved how dangerous he still is by smoking a

cigarette in the non-smoking venue, he even had a

bouncer try to stop him, who ended up being

ranted at for his lack of freedom in the Freedom

studio. The only song I recognised was New

Raceion but it didn’t matter this was a great set

and he even got his young son up for a couple of

number’s on Harmonica and backing vocals, damn I

wonder what the kid will have to do to rebel

against a dad like Alan Vega, but as he is only

about 7 at the moment that is a ways off as yet.


Still judging by the form Mr Vega is in the new

album will be a must find purchase.

Oh and thanks to whoever sponsored the gig so we

could all get in for free to see Alan Vega.


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