The Velvet Underground Under Review DVD

The Velvet Underground Under Review DVD

Originally Posted 5/14/2007

The Velvet Underground; Under Review

An Independent Critical Analysis. DVD

( Sexy intellectual)


This was one of the cooler finds on my trip to

Athens lurking in the store out by

the Olympic Stadium I found this excellent

addition to any Velvets fans collection a new

Documentary that came out in 2006.

This features interviews and commentary on the

bands career from beginning to end by among

others Moe Tucker and Doug Yule from the band to

Billy Name through to Robert Christgau, Malcom

Dome, Clinton Heylin, Sal Mercuri and Dean


This mainly takes films from the Warhol Archives

of the Velvets performing and hanging out and

cuts them with lots of Billy Names, Doug Yule and

Moe Tuckers Photos of the band while they tell

the story in the normal manner.

Some great clips that I haven’t seen before and a

full telling of the story of the first recordings

at Sceptre sound by the guy who paid for it, and

whom Warhol paid with a Painting, not a bad trade

for $600 of studio time. Plus the extras include

his theory on where the actual master tapes of

that session that turned up on the Acetate are


Throughout the DVD Moe’s comments are cool and

throw some light on what really happened, good to

hear Doug Yule giving his side of things,

especially how he was kept out of the loop and

didn’t know what Candy Says was about until after

he had sung on the recording!

Billy Name talks us through the three Velvets

Album covers he was involved in in good detail

complete with the original colour shots of the

White Light White heat cover, yes the full colour

still that the skull tattoo was cut from.

There’s also good interviews with the guy that

booked the Velvets at the Boston tea Party and

Woodrose Ballroom on how good a live band they

were and what sort of person came to the shows.

The low points for me were listening to Robert

Christgau proving that Lou’s comments on Take No

Prisoners wasn’t far off the mark!! That and they

guy who insisted on showing us how he thought Lou

played his guitar, I’d be more impressed with

showing clips of Lou playing those songs while

explaining the Ostrich Tuning and other Quirks of

Lou’s Guitars.

Other than that this is a very nice addition to

my Velvet Underground DVD collection.


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2 Responses to The Velvet Underground Under Review DVD

  1. Mrs. Nemo says:

    I know who this is,what the hell are u up to NOW?!
    Mrs Nemo(Wifey)😳

    • simonovitch says:

      Me I’m carrying on like normal, loads of gigs loads of music and a bit of travel!! Now are you the Marissa I think you are sort of from way back when in the old days….?

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