Iggy & The Stooges and Suicide Live at Hammersmith Apollo 2.5.10.

Yes this monstrous double-header has been 
anticipated for a very long time indeed as 
tickets went on sale last September and sold out 
a long long time ago for both nights. This show 
was part of the celebration of 10 years of All 
tomorrows Parties "Don't Look Back" series of 
shows with bands playing classic albums and 
tonight opens with Suicide playing their first 
album at punishing volume truly the loudest band 
I've heard this year so far they opened with 
there sound guy the head honcho for Blast First 
turning on Marty Revs keyboards that let forth a 
gust of noise and pounding nose bleed techno 
type beats before eventually Marty Rev and Alan 
Vega wandered out to cheers and laid waste to 
Ghostriders in viciously violent style of Marty 
thumping and bashing the keyboards while Alan 
Vega shrieked the vocals it was great and was 
followed by a version of rocket USA that was 
almost unrecognisable in the squalls of noise 
that came at us, Cheree lost all subtlety in 
this delivery and all the while Alan Vega was 
stalking the stage fiddling with the cigarette 
he couldn't light or wasn't allowed to light and 
all of a sudden he was screaming John John John 
John Johnny at us like all our lives depended on 
it and Marty kept up the pain from his keyboards 
and effects and seemed to really only be playing 
the left hand end of the keys that he hit with 
almost anything but his fingers. Frankie 
Teardrop was as frightening as it needed to be 
and went on as it should for a very long time 
which included Alan disappearing offstage for a 
smoke I guess and of course we are all Frankies 
but unlike normal he didn't make such a big 
point of that before they closed there set with 
a squalling real nasty sounding Che that he left 
the stage before the wall of dissonance and 
noise was anywhere near complete and was 
followed a couple of minutes later by Marty Rev 
who once he'd finished assaulting us took a very 
slow walk across the stage waved at us and left 
us cheering and stunned, not there best 
performance but mighty good as an opening salvo.

Soon enough it was time for Iggy & The Stooges 
who have once again replaced the late great Mr 
Ron Asheton on lead Guitar with Mr James 
Williamson who has taken this as a retirement 
job from his post as a vice president at Sony! 
Who of course the band are signed to and have 
put out the incredible new reissue of Raw Power 
either as a double cd or the full three cd one 
dvd one 7"single box and the latter is well 
worth its high price. They are also putting out 
the all singing and all dancing version of Kill 
City later in the year.
The band ran onstage and James Williamson who 
was first onstage launched into the opening riff 
of Search And Destroy and the place went mental 
and we were off with a street walking cheetah 
with a head full of Napalm leading the 
preceding Iggy had on a leather waistcoat for 
the first song at sounded great James still has 
what it takes after having to relearn to play 
Gimme Danger did indeed sound well dangerous and 
to prove it Iggy did his first stage dive of the 
night and he looked great all rippling muscles 
and way better than the cartoon Iggy of the 
insurance ads. Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell 
sounded immense as Iggy screamed out the words 
and Mike Watt amped up the Bass riff and Steve 
Mackay switched from Sax to I think that was his 
first keyboard part of the night a good two 
fingered effort. Rock Ashetons Drums fair 
propelled Penetration deep within us as Iggy 
Promised to stick it deep inside while showing 
us where he wished to stick it. Raw Power was 
next and boy do they ever have Raw Power in 
abundance this was just as mean and lean as you 
could wish for and none of them played like old 
men at all. I Need Somebody is probably the 
slowest song of the night and it wasn't that 
slow at all but just kept up the power as Iggy 
emphasised the lyrics and rolled around the 
stage. For Shake Appeal Iggy Appealed to the 
crowd to join him onstage and plenty did as they 
just about managed to hold onto the song amid 
the mayhem at the end of the song Iggy remarked 
to one girl on her bravery at getting up there 
as she was about 4ft something and rather 
slight. Then it was time for Iggy and the boys 
to take us on a Death Trip and boy were we ready 
for it the song had never sounded so good he 
ended the song by putting his microphone square 
into the big speaker to get a howl of feedback 
from it. 
Then it was straight into the "Hits" section 
with a storming version of Cock In My Pocket 
that saw Iggy stick his hand down the jeans that 
were slipping lower and lower down to play with 
his cock that was screaming down the old highway 
with us. Soon enough of course he was telling us 
I Wanna Be Your Dog while behaving like a dog 
onstage!  I Got A Right had Iggy making it plain 
what he had a right to do and the band and 
audience certainly agreed with him and it 
certainly included being out of his mind on 
saturday night as it's 1970 and he feels alright 
and I know I did seeing Iggy dive into the 
audience again. They then did the instrumental 
from Kill City is it Mastercharger before 
playing a great version of Kill City and 
finishing with a devastating version of Open Up 
And Bleed.
The well-earned encore started with Fun House 
and a honking great version it was too and then 
my mind has gone blank for a couple of songs 
during which Iggy put the house lights up to 
look at all of us and thank us for coming and 
eventually to introduce the band before the 
finished things off with Johanna that was a 
perfect close to a great great show. I bought my 
memory stick on the way out so I can download 
the show later in the week at which point no 
doubt I'll know what songs were missing!

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