James Chance Et Les Contorsions Live at the Barfly Camden 1.5.07.

James Chance Et Les Contorsions Live 1.5.7.

Originally posted 5/6/2007

James Chance Et Les Contorsions Live 1.5.07.

At The Barfly, Camden.

With Chk Buda and Twisted Charm.


Yes indeed the laziest man in show business is

back in record time with his hot new French band

Les Contorsions to blow us all away with his

current European tour.

I got into the Barfly during Chk Buda’s set and

wished I had caught all of it as this is a very

funky and rather cool funked up band that has a

damn good Alto and Tenor sax attack and if my

eyes are right featured at least one member of

Led Bib on Sax. They were cool and got me moving.

Next up in a by now packed Barfly was Twisted

Charm who left me cold, almost as soon as they

started playing I just felt nothing like I was

missing something. On paper I ought to like them,

but they did nothing for me, the best thing in

the band is the sax player who looked like Brian

Molko crossed with half the guys in Sha na na!

The singer was trying hard to be David Bowie in

the period 1966 to 1968, it wasn’t good.

But then I was there for the Fuhrer of Funk

himself Mr Jaaaames Chance! Well this time there

was no intro from his brother David Just the band

coming on and setting up before launching into a

great set of superb intense Funky Jazz Punk. The

new band live up to the task and the first big

highlight for me was a great take on That Old

Black Magic, that was indeed enough to make us

know we were in the presence of a Sax Maniac who

knows exactly how to Melt Yourself down.

By the time James told us we were about to hear

the first ever live version of Stained Sheets he

had already got the whole audience going, but

then on slunk Judy Taylor to give us the most

dirty delicious orgasm while writhing towards

James who replied with some truly filthy sax and

we were all in heaven.

James then brought things down with a colossal

version of King Heroin that was followed by a

couple of new songs from the Japanese album that

was unavailable afterwards no matter what James

claimed, still they did have Lost Chance and the

incredible Soul Exorcism Redux.

They closed the set with a totally twisted

version of Contort Yourself that had Judy Taylor

back onstage pulling James off the stage like you

couldn’t get him to leave it!! It was steamy and

electric way to end his set.  They came back for

an encore of “I Hate myself” or something like

that, that brought a great show to a storming


Yes James Chance is back still and funking it up

like there’s no tomorrow and if the rammed

Barfly is anything to go by he is building his

following once more, now to find that new


Originally posted on Myspace and the unofficial soup kitchen.


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