Spiritualized Acoustic Mainlines Live 26.4.07.


Spiritualized Acoustic Mainlines Live in London 26.4.07.

Originally Posted 4/30/2007

Spiritualized Acoustic Mainlines Live 26.4.07.

At the Shepherds Bush Empire.


I’d managed to be sold just about the worst seats

in the place for this sold out sit down show with

the Empire fully seated for the first time that

I’ve seen since it stopped being the BBC theatre.

I was in the wings on the second circle just

above the stage lights, if I sat down I could see

two of the 9 piece Spritualized Acoustic

Mainlines band. But if I stood up I had to hold

on to the post behind me as the drop in front of

me seemed to be like some huge void especially

with how stoned I was feeling during the support

band who were pretty forgettable and I don’t know

who they were either.

So while I was inspecting the sculptures on the

ceilings on the Empire and wondering whose Busts

are either side of the stage on come

Spiritualized Acoustic Mainlines to help make me

feel like I am floating high above everything

almost as if I’m Sitting On Fire that they opened

with, in there woozy laid back way the line-up of

two violas, one violin, One cello, pianist,

acoustic guitar and vocals from Jason and three

voice choir. From that slow and woozy beginning

the pace was set on slow very very slow as lord

Let It Rain On Me set one of the main lyrical

themes tonight of Jesus and the lord and what he

will and won’t do for us, coupled with True Love

Will Find You that followed it and set us sailing

looking for the Cool Waves to wash over us and

we’d better slow down some more and say Amen!

Oh Jason you have almost broken out of first gear

by now as Your Soul On Fire had some real

brooding menace going on as the song built and

choir built and everything built till it was time

to go Walking With Jesus one of the songs that he

Played the first time I saw him with Spacemen 3

20 years ago now. It was a cool version but I was

yearning for the Vox Starstreamer and AC30 drone

by this point, The closest they came was almost

upbeat version of Sound Of Confusion, but such

almost 50bpm pace couldn’t last!! As fine as this

band is the pace was just so slow and well Death

Take your fiddle brought things back down to a

crawl once more as Jason had to Go Down Slow more

songs of drug epiphanies and love gone wrong

meant they played All of My tears, Feel So Sad

and Stop Your Crying almost as a suite of despair

the sadness and blue tone was getting a bit

overwhelming. even if the three songs together

got the loudest cheers of the night!!

Well we were into greatest hits territory now as

out came Anything More coupled with Ladies and

Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space and Can’t Help

Falling In Love there was almost a glimmer of a

smile on Jason’s face seated as ever facing side

on as you wouldn’t want to look at the audience

too much.

Not when you have a Broken Heart that may have

been caused because Baby I’m Just A Fool that had

me almost wishing the end would come as I wanted

something a little more upbeat this was a real

down of a set and when they Played Good Night

Good Night it sounded so baleful that you almost

thought Jason was about to kill himself with the

pain of it all, even Think I’m In Love that

should be uplifting sounded like a declaration of

despair they closed the set with Lord Can You

Hear Me Hear Me at all, lord can you hear me

call, well yes indeed it was a fitting close to a

real slow burner of a show that made the

energetic response from the audience seem totally

raucous after the laid back set they had just

played. They came back and did a cool version of

Oh Happy Day to finish things off with.

I left feeling like I could have done with some

more Electricity tonight as I needed some shock

treatment to wake me up again from this coma

Jason was trying to induce, I still can’t decide

if it was a good show or not!!


Originally posted on Myspace and the unofficial soup kitchen.


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