Danny & Dusty Live at The Fuzz Club Athens 14.4.07.

Danny and Dusty in Athens Fuzz Club 14.4.7.

Originally posted 4/23/2007

Danny & Dusty Live at The Fuzz Club Athens 14.4.2007.

Yes at last the time for the Danny & Dusty

reunion tour has arrived, over 20 years on from

there first and last and only previous tour and

record the incredible The Lost Weekend Danny

(Stuart) is back with Dusty (Steve Wynn) with a

new album the excellent Cast Iron Soul that more

than doubles the bands song list and there first

European tour.

Having chosen to come to Athens to see them

without tickets for the show we turned up at The

Fuzz Club absurdly early to make sure we got

tickets, that sorted and we went off for a drink

and to gaze at the Temple Of Zeus at sunset that

was just around the corner from the club.

I have to say on going into The Fuzz Club it is

one of the plushest and nicest music venues I’ve

been in for a long time, a real cool place with

some very strong drinks ordered we took our place

at the Bar in front of the stage and rested our

drinks there on the other side of the moat from


The Moat was filled with 3 professional

photographers snapping away and no Bar staff,

they keep that bar shut during performances,

thankfully as I’m sure Danny would have made full

use of the bar otherwise;)

The band was cooking from the beginning and did a

good mix of just about every song they had from

the Word Is out on down the first of the new

songs was The Good Old Days that I have to say

I’m glad they didn’t go to the same record shop

as me in the Flea Market to get all the old Dream

Syndicate Vinyl they had to really remind us of

the Good Old Days!! But are they really the Last

Of The Only Ones, especially since The Only Ones

are doing their own reunion tour shortly. Still I

felt like I was on the Miracle Mile that seemed

to have half the club singing along to it. Oh and

yes the club was just around The Bend In The

Road, which was enough to Raise The Roof for me.

I have to say throughout that Stephen McCarthy’s

guitar playing was pretty much spot on some real

nice solos and great sound that was well worth

his introduction towards the end of the show as

was Bob Rupe for his solid Bass playing and of

course Chris Cacavas for some mesmerizing Piano

playing and being able to reduce Danny to fits of

laughter while trying to sing by knocking over

his microphone! Thanks to Jet for spotting what

Chris had done! And this review will also give a

big shout out to Johnny Hott on Drums who Dusty

cruelly stopped Danny from introducing all

together by Starting Baby, You All Gottta Go Down

too soon. That song had to have the biggest sing

along chorus of the show. The place erupted at

the end of the set and the band did two two song

encores that closed with a great almost impromptu

version of That’s What Brought Me Here well the

answer to that question had to be Danny & Dusty

had brought me to the Fuzz Club and to Athens and

for that I thank them whole heartedly for a great

gig and a great holiday thanks guys!!


Originally posted on Myspace and USK.org


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