John Cale Live At The Mean Fiddler London 17.3.07.

John Cale Live at the Mean Fiddler London 17.3.07.

Originally Posted 3/19/2007

John Cale Live at the Mean Fiddler 17.03.07.


This had to be the only venue in London not

Celebrating St Patrick’s day, this show was very

early with the doors opening at 6pm with no

support act and on getting in there no music on

either, but by the time John came on the place

was packed and thanks to Swedish Joe I was

standing second row centre, which was way cool.


They opened with a stunning version of Heartbreak

Hotel that made sure we knew that his current

backing band who are miraculously the same as

last year’s band have turned into a fine tuned

machine more than capable of reinvigorating John

Cales music in such a way that many times I was

left guessing what tune they were playing, but

then they did also play some fine new tunes as

well, but the set really shook me with a great

version of Big White Cloud from Vintage Violence

that seemed to be almost a sing along tune these

days!! Amazing what turning up on a soundtrack

can do for a song! Pity I can’t remember what I

heard it on recently.


The first song that John played Guitar on was a

brilliant version of Model Beirut Recital that

rocked like hell, Then they managed to fuse

together Leaving it up to you and Strange times

in Casablanca in a fine mash up style that lead

us well off on one.  Outta The Bag still sounds

real good as one of the stand out live tunes from

his recent Black Acetate album. Save Us shocked

me as I wasn’t expecting to hear that tune dug up

but was glad they did.

The current drummer is about the best drummer

I’ve ever seen with John Cale his fluid style

reminded me a lot of Elvin Jones and the Jazz

touches he added really help to take the songs to

new places.

By the time the band wound the sound down for the

acoustic section that gave us a flawless version

of Thoughtless kind and a rousing Buffalo Ballet

to finish things off it was clear this is one of

the best Cale bands in a very long time indeed

and just the fact they have stayed together this

long says a lot for them. The encore started with

a great spitting bile version of Fear and was

followed by Chorale and they left the stage to

thunderous applause for a second encore that the

venue denied us as we had to be out of the place

before 10pm for curfew in this 24 hour drinking

city!! This meant that John didn’t use the Viola

that had sat onstage for the entire gig!!

Oh well still another great gig and If Cale gets

anywhere near you go and see him.

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