The Yayhoos and The Surgens Live at the Luminaire Kilburn 12.2.07.

Originally Posted 2/19/2007

The Yayhoos and The Surgens 12.2.07.

Live at the Luminaire, Kilburn High Road.


We managed to miss the start of the Surgens set,

but what we caught was top notch and every bit as

good as last time although with less make up on

the guys, but there was a great version of

Twisted brain and yet again it took a couple of

days to get Goodbye Nadine out of my head, why is

that tune so catchy and a good rollicking

twanging go at Death Of a politician, on one of

there songs they failed to finish the song as the

singer dissolved into laughter over what were not

too sure, but either way I hope these boys take

there medicine show country fair rock all the way.

With some of the finest Washboard playing this

side of the Pond.

They went down really well with the Yayhoos fans

which was cool.

Before this gig I had no idea who The Yayhoos

were or why I’d go see them, but I’m mighty glad

The Surgens supported them so I could find out.

So The Yayhoos are the new group put together by

Dan Baird and Terry Anderson from the Georgia

Satellites with Eric “Roscoe” Ambel and Keith

Christopher and are sort of a Country Rock Disco

(Crisco) super-group who played a great set of

high octane good times rock with all the members

of the band singing various songs or together,

some of the highlights were Where’s Your

Boyfriend At and Hurting thing but the songs that

really got me were there choices of cover songs

the first one to knock me over was Love Train it

seemed so unlikely in this Crisco version and yet

somehow it worked really well, everyone was

having a great time and they played at least a

couple of Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass

Kicking Teams tunes including a spiffy version of

Gityoassupda road, none of them seemed to take

anything too seriously while playing real tight

and loose at the same time it was great they

closed there set with the “Swedish National

anthem” a totally raucous version of Abba’s

Dancing Queen, yes they know how to get a place


The encore opened with Battleship Chains a song

that still sounds great then they did another

tune and finished the show with a glorious

rambling version of the B52’s Roam by which time

they had completely won me over as a fan a great

band to go and have a drink or three to…


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