Gallon Drunk and Last Man Standing Live at the 100 Club 15.2.07.

Gallon Drunk and Last Man Standing live 100 Club

London 15.2.07.


Well this show was the antidote to Valentines

Days cheese fest and for me the perfect night to

blast all those Europe songs out of my head again.

It certainly worked we had got there early enough

to get a seat at one of the tables at the side of

the stage and we sat there for the first few

songs by Last Man Standing who are the band

fronted by Glen Max the promoter at the South

Bank. The first number sounded a little like

Little Feet crossed with a southern soul revue

type band, once the brass section hit there

stride though they had a lot more power and we

soon moved to stand with a better view and a lot

more of the sound they were creating a great stew

that the small 100 club stage could barely

contain especially when they added Kelly Le Roc

for a couple of tunes that were right on the

nail, funkily bringing to mind George Clinton

meeting any number of Staxx bands. Really cool

and I’d love to see them with a bigger stage to

perform on so that Glenn can go really mad with

his hand held pedal steel.

Then it was time for Gallon Drunk who I haven’t

seen for far too long and damn they are every bit

as intense as ever from the opening blasts of

Terry Edwards giving us a good sax solo to blast

everyone’s ears that led into Two Wings Mambo that

was full of dissonance and howling rage as James

Johnston played his guitar sang and played

keyboards at the same time and Terry Edwards was

just howling away as Ian White kept his Bass

rumbling away. We certainly needed two Clear eyes

to keep up with this band who just blasted us

away, for me though the high light of the set was

when Terry Edwards played his keyboard solo on

Some Cast Fire that was nigh on perfect as was

that song, they also did a killer version of Jake

On The Make with the band stripped down for most

of it and James singing away from the microphone

for some of it.  They were every bit as caustic

as they had always been even if the drummer

doesn’t quite have the charisma of Max Decharne

whose boots he ably fills.

As ever they left the stage and didn’t come back

for an encore I guess it is tough to get that

level of intensity back once you stop a great set

and there first three albums are about to be

reissued on Sartorial records which can only be a

good thing.


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