Europe Live Shepherds Bush Empire 14.2.07.

Europe Live Shepherds Bush Empire 14.2.07.  

Yes the perfect Valentine’s Day gig for Jet,

Europe back to Rock the night for us once more.

The place was packed but not quite sold out for

this show on their tour to promote the new Album

Secret Society.

As expected this was good hard slick metal with

all the clichés intact they played a good safe

set including a good version of Got to Have faith

and one of the new songs Love Is Not the Enemy

was pretty good , Seven Doors Hotel got it’s

normal preamble but a cool version none the less,

Yes they Rock The Night and gave us the Girl From

the Lebanon a song I like more each time I hear

it, Secret Society isn’t quite as Heavy as Joey

would like to believe but a good rock song none

the less, yes we still had the Wings of Tomorrow

to fly off on and if we Start from the Dark who

knows what might happen.

Carrie was as monumental a Ballad as ever and the

version of Yesterdaze news they did with loads of

false endings and elongated solos seemed to go on

for ever.

The encore as ever featured Cherokee and then one

of the new songs before they closed with the song

that will forever close there concerts yes indeed

time for the place to erupt for The Final

Countdown sounding as good and cheesy as ever.

Damn they make everyone smile even when Joey

comes out with the same stuff he always come out



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