The Bikini Beach Band, The Surgens and Wilson at The Luminaire Kilburn 20.12.06.

Complete Control Xmas Gig @ The Luminaire 20.12.06.

originally Posted         12/31/2006

Complete Control Xmas Party @ the Luminaire 20.12.

With The Bikini Beach Band, The Surgens, Wilson.


This review has taken longer than it should have,

but still it’s time to remember a good night out

and my first chance to see Wilson and The Surgens

2 bands I have been hearing good things about for

a while.


Well by the time Wilson went on first The

Luminaire was still fairly empty with no more

than 20 people in at most among whom was at least

one record company bod who went running for the

furthest corner of the club as soon as Wilson

kicked off as they were way too loud for him!!


But what a joyous noise it was no matter how

grumpy the singer at first seemed, it was of

course great to see good old Pat Fish on loud

lead guitar with a full band for the first time

in I don’t know how many years, and in Wilson a

band who at times sounded like a Senser tribute

band, well at least Senser were the last band I

saw that sounded anything like this, the Mad Rave

rock sound of like 1990 England.  I almost

expected them to start singing Ned’s Atomic

Dustbin songs or a Mega City 4 tribute, instead

of which I felt like I was at a really cool Happy

Mondays type rave as they stormed through Police

Chief ignoring the fact that they needed a

seething Mosh Pit to spit out the lyrics and get

the few of us there going I just had to get

stoned to that one!! Or was it Istanbul

connection that had me hitting on the pipe I

can’t remember, but highlight of the set for me

was a great rollicking version of Buffalo Sniper

that I started off thinking was Buffalo Soldier

what was I on!! Yes Wilson sure are a bunch of

Quality People or Monkeys as they prefer! A great

set played to a slowly filling club, at least the

second record company bod I spoke to on the night

saw the last couple of songs of the set even if

she was there to see The Surgens who were up next.

Now The Surgens make an effort and all dress like

19th century Surgens with blood spattered aprons

and faces and are almost a modern jug band but

are more than that as there reading of John Hardy

certainly proved what a killer version. I loved

there Goodbye Nadine with its close harmonies

and cool lyrics Twisted Brain was a good

description of my state of mind after lugging too

deep. As for the singer in his top hat howling

about the Wolfman I though he was over in the

corner but I might have been mistaken it could

have been the Drunken Angel or was that the woman

who made a rather blatant pass at me!! Either way

The Surgens were pretty brilliant and I had to

get there brilliant Songs of Sadness Misery and

Abuse album off of them afterwards with it’s

Betty Page cover a cool band to see live.


This only left the headliners the Bikini Beach

band to come on and give us all a surfing Xmas

vibe in ridiculous outfits and a sound that

became boring very quickly indeed, but seemed to

go down well with all the Xmas party folks that

made me feel like a right old Curmudgeon, but

there way with a medley of fairly obvious choices

for the Surf treatment like a bad surf case of

Jive bunny which soon had the record company bods

heading out the door and I didn’t last much

beyond Crazy Horses and Hotel California I just

had to go.

I guess they weren’t down dark and dirty enough

for me, still Wilson and the Surgens were well

worth the effort and I look forward to seeing

both of them again soon!!


Originally posted on Myspace and the unofficial soup kitchen

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