MC5/DTK and Gallows Live at the Camden Underworld 7.12.06.

Originally Posted              12/11/2006

MC5/DKT Live The Underworld Camden 7.12.06.

With Gallows.


This show was a warm-up for the Nightmare before

Xmas festival, and as such came with a bunch of

rumours as to special guests, the most prevalent

being that the Stooges would support or that Iggy

would join them. Or that Gilbey Clarke would be

playing Guitar.

Well no such luck but it didn’t stop this being a

special gig, the chance to see this legendary

band playing in a small club that hadn’t even

sold out in advance.

First on were Gallows who are a young skinhead

punk band with a Wee Ginger Gobshite of a

frontman who looks far too young for all the

tattoo’s he has, including a spectacular double

headed eagle on his chest.

They played splenetic angry punk that was either

about getting into fights or how to treat your

woman right while getting into fights! In-between

songs the singer kept asking for volunteers to

punch him in the gob but got no takers that

seemed to anger him some more. Either way they

were pretty damn good.

We then had a long wait for the MC5 as it took

over an hour to set the stage up for them, which

made for an agitated and expectant and finally

sold out crowd by the time they came on and

opened as a four piece of DKT and an ex-Sisters

Of Mercy Guitarist whose name I didn’t catch and

launched into Ramblin’ Rose with Michael Davis on

vocals and a we were launched into a fearsome

powertrip through there back catalogue, with Mark

Arm stepping up to the mic for a cool as hell

version of Sister Ann and I want You Right now

they were starting to burn as they got down to

the Borderline, Over and Over they just Gotta

Keep Movin towards that Starship with Brother

Wayne Kramer trading lines with Mark and Michael

before launching into space once more with a song

called Starship!!

Then up came Lisa Kekaula to take over on vocals

and the band ramped it up a notch or two for I

want You right now and Tonight Tonight oh hell

yeah Tonight alright as we all need to Come

Together that had good shared vocals and well we

had all better get ready to Kick Out The Jams

Mother fucker, oh did that one rip the place

apart with everyone singing along. I Believe to

My Soul sounded like it was written for Lisa to

sing, damn she has a great voce and image with a

super BAAD Afro to shake on down with.

The encores opened with I’m The Man For You (Rama

Lama Fa fa fa) with a dollop of Rocket Reducer

thrown in for good measure and a brave move by

Brother Wayne in getting the audience to sing

three different lines at once in sections, wow

that was one powerful song.

Oh no Motor City is still burning as indeed are

the MC5 after all these years.

They then dedicated Revolutionary Blues to the

fight to stop the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. it

kicked like hell and assured them of another encore

that let them rip through American problems

and closed it all with a good bow for the

audience and were gone.

I have to say everyone I spoke to loved it, a

great great show by one of the original Punk rock

gods catch em while they are still alive!!

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