Tapper Zukie Live at the Jazz Cafe 21.09.06.


Tappa Zukie Live At the Jazz Cafe Camden Town 21.09.06.

Originally Posted 9/25/2006

Tappa Zukie Live At The Jazz Cafe 21.09.06.


Yes finally at last it was time for Tappa, or

should that be Tapper Zukie to play his first

British show for 20 years. Well no matter how you

spell his name it was going to be a special night

getting to see a reggae Legend like Tappa Zukie.

This was re-enforced when Prezidente started his

pre-show introduction that included a section

thanking several audience members for being In

The House, that the list included Bunny “Striker”

Lee, Derrick Morgan and Tippa Irie only added to

the expectation as first a young pretender called

Emperor I think came up and did a couple of tunes

to warm us up that were rapped over a backing

tape that was apparently the last thing that

Joseph from Culture recorded before he died a few

weeks ago. It didn’t make much impression on me

at all.

But that didn’t matter as soon Prezidente was

back Biggin up Tappa Zukies backing band for the

show The Ruff Cut band who came on and gave us a

couple of instrumentals to really warm us up as

the fog of smoke enveloped the crowd I think the

second tune was Sensimilia dub, anyway it was the

tune that has the trombone break of Three Blind

Mice and sounded way fine in the hand of this

real tight band.

Then finally it was time for Tapper Zukie to

descend the stairs onto the stage in his cream

suit and matching hat, looking as Natty as ever

and nowhere near his 50 years.

He kicked off with Oh Lord! that was the first of

many singalongs for the evening as it became

clear that he still knew how to whip up a crowd

and get us all involved with the right responses

to his lyrics. They then killed us with a mighty

version of MPLA that had the righteous lyrics and

the hatred of all the violence about right.

What A Phensic was just truly dirty skanking

roots as you’d want it to be, he even got a

Phensic up to dance on stage with him, damn she

was one cute girl!! Pick Up the Rocker was

introduced by Tappa telling us how right he was

as the Rockers now sell for a pretty penny, yes

indeed we all need to Pick Up The Rockers and

Don’t throw them away.

Well I had to have a good smoke top Chalice To

Chalice and it seemed like most of the packed

club did too. Peace & Love had one of the best

call and responses I’ve heard in ages Tappa used

us as an extra instrument especially when they

went into the dub section, and came out and then

he managed almost a fade out ending with the only

instrument left being the audience singing Peace

and Love way cool.

Tapper Roots International was both a highlight

and the one song that let things down in that he

did the first part of the song and then went into

the time to introduce the band dub section which

was cool, but it was followed by Tapper giving

shout outs to everyone he could name in the

audience including obviously Bunny Lee, Derrick

Morgan and Tippa Irie who all had to stand up or

wave and let us know where they were, then he

introduced his family and got his son up to do a

little hip hop rapping and then introduced his

brother Black Beard his mother, cousins and then

onto his lawywers, record label bosses,

Publishers and lord alone knows who else before

he wrapped up the song and the set, leaving to

deafening cheers the all-conquering legend

returned deserved.

The Ruff Cut band played on and Prezidente came

back up to whip up a frenzy for the encore and

give yet more shout outs, truly I felt like the

only person left not thanked from the stage.

Tapper came back and gave us another couple of

fine tunes before going once more to the mass

cheers and one more lot of shout outs from

Prezidente and it was all over, we had been left

wanting more and certainly wanting Tapper Zukie

to return a lot sooner than 20 years’ time.

A great Reggae show that could only have been

improved by being played through a proper Reggae

sound system rather than the in house system at

the Jazz Cafe.


Originally posted on Myspace and the unofficial soup kitchen.

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