The Woodentops, The Jazz Butcher, They Came From The Stars I Saw them 12.9.06.

The Woodentops, the Jazz Butcher Live 12.09.06.

Originally Posted Date     9/18/2006 10:54:00 AM

The Woodentops Live At The Luminaire 12.9.06.

In Kilburn High Road. With The Jazz Butcher and

They Came From the Stars, I Saw them.


Well you could file this one under unlikely

comebacks of 2006, yes the Woodentops are back

back back for one more go.

But first the wonder that is They Came from the

Stars, I Saw them, yes it’s an unwieldy name but

that doesn’t matter when you see a band as

bonkers and brilliant as this one are. They are

the band of Horton from Klub Cosmiche and are mad

mad mad, and amalgam of Sun Ra chants, almost Mani

Neumeier style drumming, rhythms stolen from

Defunkt and Rip rig and Panic and fused together

with keyboards madness on a par with Marty Rev,

only with a lot more gadgets, as well as silly

costumes and toy instruments and of course they

claim to be working on behalf of the Gay Masters,

of course they are. If you want more info on the

Gay Masters or anything else check out the bands

Myspace site.  I look forward to seeing them

again soon.

Next up was the ever great Jazz Butcher this time

as a duo with Northampton’s finest ever bongo

player and Pat’s ever trusty low-fi backing

tracks, this was a completely different set to

the one with Max Eider a couple of months ago.

They started with a couple of tunes that I didn’t

know, through to a great dinosaur song that only

made me think about the Elephant song Pat used to

play at solo gigs many moons ago, now what was

that song called? Still she’s a yo yo as they say

and they did a great tune by Wilson which is

there other band that was dubby and much punkier

than the rest of the set, even if the highlight

was there version of the theme to the Sopranos,

yes that great Alabama Three tune gets the

Butcher treatment, what could be better.

Yes another great set from the Butcher.

then it was time for The Woodentops at the third

show on their reunion tour that is promoting the

numbered limited edition Vinegar cd that is a

best of the Woodentops Bootlegs pretty much only

available at the gigs or from the bands website.

Well they sounded nothing like I remembered them

sounding live!  I know I saw them 3 or 4 times, I

seem to think at the old Clarendon Ballroom in a

fog of dry ice with loads of squalling feedback

and angry vocals. What was I thinking of, as they

were far more intricate than that with some

incredible guitar solos and incredible drumming

throughout they whipped up a far funkier storm

that I was expecting, well worth them coming back

if they are going to sound this good. There were

hints at a new album next year and then world

domination, I hope it happens as they brought

much joy to the crowd in the Luminaire and well

worth checking out when that world tour hits your

town sometime in the next couple of years, they

can only get better, you won’t need to Stop this

Car as there was Plenty to Get it on to.

Wow what a cool three band bill.


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