Radio Birdman and The Suzann Live at The Dirty Water Club 13.09.06.

Radio Birdman and The Suzann Live 13.09.06.

Originally Posted Date     9/18/2006

Radio Birdman Live at The Dirty Water Club 13.9.06

Upstairs at the Dome In Tufnell Park. With The


The second gig of a busy week was the return of

the Australian Punk Legends Radio Birdman that

took place in the middle of a huge thunder storm.

The upstairs ballroom at The Boston Arms is just

the perfect sleazy venue for this gig.

The support band were the Japanese Girl Group The Suzann who

looked like they had just stepped out of a Mike

Takashi movie with the singer looking like she

could have been in Audition and the Lead

Guitarist like she could do some mighty scary

martial arts, this all the while sounding like

an 60’s Psych rock garage band, with some cool

harmonies and catchy songs, although by the end

of their set they had outstayed there welcome by

about 4 songs as they got a bit samey.

Then as The remnants of the Flaming Groovies had

cancelled as main support it was time for Radio

Birdman and they were welcomed as the heroes they

are and gave us a high energy set of there

classic hits and stuff of the new album Zeno

Beach with Dennis Tek blowing us away with some

exceptional guitar solos and great playing. The

new material sounds just like the old material,

good amphetamine punk with a large Stooges

influence. Of the new stuff Hungry Cannibals and

Zeno Beach came across best, Sorry I don’t know

too many song titles, but I have more side

project stuff by these guys than actual band


Still it was a great show and the encore that

began with a note perfect version of Search and

Destroy that sounded totally stooge like! The

fact that the whole place had been chanting

Birdman Birdman Birdman for 5 minutes since they

left the stage helped. Great to see Dennis Tek,

Rob Younger and the boys.


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