Stuck Inside A Crash


Stuck Inside A Crash

Originally Posted Date     9/11/2006

Stuck Inside A Crash

Stuck inside a crash,

Trapped unable to get out,

That data is now a prisoner for life,

There is almost no way out,

No coming back lost for good,


Stuck inside a hard disc hell,

Melted and blown destroyed,

Still now I’m fighting to get back up,

Back online once more,


Does my modem still have drivers and software,

Can I get back on broadband anyway,

Why won’t the help line speak to me,

How long will this poem be when they do,

Will my beard have gone grey by then,


Who the hell changes hard drive heads anyway,

What heads I’d like to know?


No your modem is missing its software,

Where did the drivers go tell me where,

New drivers in, but where’s phonebook.ini,

Come to that what the hell is phonebook.ini,

Either way now I have phonebook.ini,

I also now have error 271,


Error 271 what a fucker that is,

One day I’ll find a cure for it,

Then I might get back online,

How many ways are there to beat it,

Are there 721 things I need to do?


How to configure past this hell,

Well that’s beyond the help desk folks,

They shake their heads and hang up on me,

I just bang my head against the wall once more,

Oh and what the hell is a 1394 adapter,

What does it do,

Why does it claim what it claims,


Another day another error to deal with,

Bought and fitted a new modem,

Result I have error 678 in place of error 271,

Oh and now the helplines crashed,

I hope they have the answer tomorrow,

Or I’ll have no hair left,


Answer my foot they are clueless,

Errors 678 and 271 are the same!!

Really is that the best you can do,

Well no you should just reconfigure once more,

Motherfucker Motherfucker Motherfucker,


Let’s delete everything and start over,

Oh and let’s try this strange option too,

Oh my god it worked I’m online again,

But my data is still stuck inside that hard disc.


Originally posted on the Unofficial Soup Kitchen and Myspace

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