Patti Smith and Kevin Shields Coral Sea Sessions Live Queen Elizabeth Hall 11.9.06.

Patti Smith And Kevin Shields Coral Sea Sessions

Live At The Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Southbank

Centre. 11Th September 2006.


This was the first night of two shows that were

recorded and will be put together to become

Patti’s next Album.

I chose to go on the first night as being 9-11 it

promised a different tension to the second date

for obvious reasons.

As expected the show was sold out and Patti

arrived on stage below a film of the 9-11 attacks

taken by one of her friends in New York.

The show started with her and Tony Shanahan

On-stage with a set that included a couple of

leather sofas and an lamp with a very floral

shade on it!!

The version she did at the start of Peaceable

Kingdom was angry and beautiful at the same time,

very poignant.

Patti then introduced her Italian Cellist and

Jason Pierce of Spiritualized etc. and did a cool

version of Jacksons song and a couple of brand

new songs un-played anywhere that sounded pretty

angry. Beneath the Southern Cross worked really

well in this setting, we then had a new song that

features a call and response section that they

tried three or four times and sort of got through

it was a lot of fun and pretty cool with it. Then

Kevin Shields joined them for the last song of

the first set which in my opinion was the best

thing he played all night.

After the break the chatty cheery almost Patti of

the first set was replaced by the angry Ranting

incanting Patti of the second set where she read

all of The Coral Sea book that she put out in

1996 as memorial for Robert Mapplethorpe whose

60th birthday this performance is celebrating.

While Patti was reading Kevin Shields was sat on

the sofa playing four or five guitars at once and

making intense squalls of noise and feedback that

brought to mind Wharton Tiers solo album Brighter

than Life.

Apparently much of his equipment wasn’t working

correctly, but whether that was the case or not

by the end of 45 plus minutes of this noise I

think much of the hall was dying for him to stop

playing and let the noise die away.

This was shown by the fact that they didn’t get

an encore! Which is pretty much unheard of at

Patti shows!!

I have since found out from the shows promoter

Glenn Maxx that Kevin was angry at how much of

his equipment failed and didn’t sound right, I’m

not sure how listenable this will be when it

comes out, I hope I want to listen to it more

than once, I live in hope. The first half though

was classic and legendary Patti at her best.

While at the Queen Elizabeth hall she also said a

prayer for the new stage in the foyer that

included an acapella version of People Have The

Power that I’d have liked to have been at, but

took place before anyone got there!!

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