Nikki Sudden Tribute Night at the Dirty Water Club 24.7.06.

Nikki Sudden Tribute Night

Originally Posted Date     7/24/2006

Nikki Sudden Tribute Night 21.7.06. At Dirty Water

In the Boston Arms, Tufnell Park.


Featuring; Dave Kusworth, The Jacobites, Captain

Sensible, Jowe Head, Swell Maps, Darrell Bath,

Last Bandits, Maria Therese Cormack, Mick

Taylor, Max Decharne, Flaming Stars, Paul Caton,

Phil Schoenfeldt, Pavel Cingl.


This was a great tribute to the legendary Nikki

Sudden featuring just some of the many musicians

he played with over the years and right up until

his untimely death in New York earlier this year

just hours after playing a gig. He died sitting

reading a book.

We had missed a couple of acts by the time we

got there and the first woman who was on as we

got in wasn’t all that good but things soon

improved when the first of many fluid bands came

on this one mainly from Prague and Germany to

give us some good sleazy blues. They were

followed by Captain Sensible and Max Decharne’s

T.Rex tribute band, the good Captain explained

that Nikki had been his roadie on the tour The

Damned did with T.Rex just so he could hang out

with Marc Bolan! They did a great Jeepster and a

cooking 20th Century Boy in there short and

sweet set. Max stayed on stage for the next band

which was the Last Bandits that encompassed

Darrell Bath and Mick Taylor and Phil Caton

among others, who among other things did a great

version of Looking For A Friend, Mick Taylor was

in good form having flown in from the US  just

for this gig!! The title track of their Treasure

Island lp sounded great. High and Lonesome

certainly had some added meaning, damn what a

shame the band was missing Nikki. Break Up is a

great country number that opens with the line “I

started drinking the day before you left.”

Next on was the Swell maps Nikki’s first proper

band with his brother the also Late Epic

Soundtracks and Jowe Head, damn if the Swell

maps don’t sound like the Strokes and Franz

Ferdinand lots angular and choppy songs and

Jowe’s memories of knowing Nikki from school


Then on next was Dave Kusworth and the

Jacobites, Nikki’s other long running band that

featured many of the musicians we had already

seen mainly looking, as was the nights theme,

like a Keith Richards meets Andy Macoy Meets

Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx convention!! Yes down

and dirty rock and roll was the order of the

day, we were taken off into Robbiespierres

velvet basement for sure, damn Dave Kusworth is

a great guitarist and singer and he spoke about

playing with both Nikki and Epic whose posters

were on the wall behind him, the band played

about 6 songs and then took a break to change

the stage a bit for the grand finale of sorts

and also to allow Nikki’s Parents to make a

speech. It was heartrending hearing his dad talk

about how proud he is of both of his sons that

he has outlived, what a fitting tribute this was

and to thank everyone involved, he also told us

about how Nikki Died and what his sons wishes

were, including the setting up of an archive of

his work in Germany that will make sure his

music remains available, and the publishing of

his recently finished autobiography.  He also

carried out some of Nikki’s wishes from his will

and presented various instruments to Dave

Kusworth Darrell Bath and Paul Caton.

All that was left after the speech was for the

Jacobites to come back on with a slightly

different line-up to blast us with 5 more songs,

they tried to get Mick Taylor backup, but he had

already gone long before the 1.30am finish of

this incredible tribute so that Darrell Bath

took the guest guitar for the final number.

Sorry I don’t know more of the song titles.

This was an astonishing gig to see for a mere £7

and a great tribute to Nikki Sudden who was

always cool to see live he will be as missed as

much as Epic Soundtracks has been.


Originally posted on Myspace and the Unofficial Soup Kitchen.

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