Hanoi Rocks, Ginger, Son Of A Gun Live at The Pitz Milton Keynes 29.6.06.

Hanoi Rocks, Ginger, Son Of A Gun Live 29.6.6.

At The Pitz Club In The Woughton Centre, Milton



Well this trip up the motorway was made

essential after Hanoi Rocks London show opening

for Twisted Sister was cancelled as Twisted

Sister had to record their Xmas album instead!!

Which has to be the most ridiculous excuse for a

tired old metal band not to show up that we’ve

heard in a long time. Still we already had

tickets for this show as well.

First as ever with Milton Keynes is the fun of

finding the venue, we drove right by it and

didn’t see it!!  I’ve been there at least 5

or 6 times before!!

Still on getting in there and passing the gym

and swimming pool folks leaving as we went in to

this sports centre come music venue. We got

there just in time to see local band Son of A

Gun opening the show they are a very young and

fairly tight rock band whose singer fancies

himself as the new Sebastian Bach ably abetted

by his long haired pretty boy lead guitarist,

and a Bassist who seemed to know the lyrics

better than the singer! They were a fun opener

and could be huge in a few years’ time if they

work hard enough at it.

Next up was Ginger who was performing in trio

form of two guitars and bass, he was part stand

up comedian and part musician, the jokes

in-between songs were almost as long as the songs

that were mainly a Wildhearts greatest hits set

with a couple of solo numbers thrown in, he was

very entertaining, but we almost wished he had

just done a stand-up routine!!

Then it was time for Hanoi Rocks who came out

and started with a suitable over the top intro

for them to come out one at a time drums first

then Bass and Guitar before first Andy Macoy

strolled out and then Michael Monroe danced out

and picked up his red and gold saxophone for a

solo to close the opener and then it was

straight into Boulevard Of Broken Dreams with

damn near perfect sound in this great sports

hall, from there on in we went straight to

Malibu Beach Nightmare and on a journey through

there catalogue of high octane Glam rock. We

went back to Mystery city and of course they

wanted to teach us High School and were even

prepared to throw in some of Hoyt Axtons

Lightning Bar Blues to prove it. This band have

got even tighter than the last couple of times

we saw them and were stunning throughout,

suddenly the music would break down and they

would just look at each other to figure out what

was next and in they would go to Tragedy or

Don’t You Ever Leave me baby, or the incredibly

good People Like Me, they made sure they were

Back In Yer Face, and that they are for sure.

They did Million Miles Away as an Instrumental,

and In My Darkest Moment sounded as poignant as


They build to the climax that is there version

of Up Around the Bend and off they went to wild

cheers that had to go on for longer than needed

while they fixed Conny Bloom’s guitar, he ended

up using one of Andy Macoy’s guitars for the

encore that started with a great version of 1970

(feel Alright) that included Michael Monroe

climbing the Speaker stacks!! Then they did Taxi

driver that managed to break down in the middle

and suddenly re-emerge as Status Quo’s Sweet

Caroline for a couple of verses at first I

thought it was Rocking all over the world, but

no it was Sweet Caroline with Michael Monroe

doing a good impersonation of Francis Rossi’s

voice before finally they went back into Taxi

driver once more. They then finished the night

with a frantic punk version of It’s Too late and

then they were gone and we were left smiling and

pumped up after seeing just about the most

exciting two hours of music I’ve seen all year.


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