Green On Red Live at Koko Camden 18.7.06.

Subject  Green On Red Live At Koko 18.7.06.

Originally Posted     7/23/2006

Green On Red Live At Koko, Camden 18.7.06.

With Gravenhurst.


This was the opening night of this years Don’t

Look Back concert series that gets bands to play

one classic album in its entirety and first up

were Green on Red performing Gas Food Lodging.

But first I got there earlyish to catch

Gravenhurst who played to a practically empty

venue as no one wanted to be in a hot sweaty

club on the hottest July day since records began

in London.

I couldn’t decide if I liked Gravenhurst or not,

they are quite a dark sounding band in love with

the quiet bits followed by very loud bits style

of music and did a lot of shoegazing while

sounding like a cross between magazine and Joy

Division with a dollop of Sonic Youth for good

measure, they make mostly instrumental

soundscapes that they didn’t seem to know how to

end, the best part of their set was the drummers

hyper kinetic over the top style, he was like a

whirlwind whilst the other two just stood gazing

at their shoes.

Then with the place almost two thirds full on

came Green On Red for what was the 5th show of

there ever hectic re-union tour, not bad 5 shows

in 15 months!!

They agreed to do this show after being offered

serious money, apparently 3 times as much as

another show at the Astoria would have paid


Well we got what we expected the whole of Gas

Food Lodging from the opening of That’s What

Dreams were made for we knew it would be another

improbably good show from them, all animosity

set aside and off we went down that Black River

in need of the Hair of the dog, by which time

the band were settling in and looking and

sounding almost tight. Easy Way out sounded way

cool and then it was time for a monumental take

on Sixteen Ways after which Dan told us all to

turn our Lp’s over and prepare for side two.

Yes batten down the hatches they were about to

play The Drifter and blow us all apart so they

could melt our brains in the Sea of Cortez that

was the psychedelic trip it has to be, with an

incredible solo from Chuck Prophet and mad

keyboards from Chris Cacavas which eventually

came shuddering to a close so that they could

close the album with We Shall Overcome that Dan

apologised for in advance telling us how he

found the lyrics and stole them without

realising what classic Hymn it was!! They

coupled it with a slide projection of photos

from the Iraq War which was as poignant as it


They left to thunderous applause and eventually

came back for a well-deserved encore that

included a killer version of Jimmy Boy a

thunderous version of Time Ain’t Nothin and

finished with Abigails Ghost.

All in all a kicking gig and nice to see them

back again so soon. The only song that was

noticably absent was of course Gas Food Lodging

itself, but then it never made it onto the album

that it’s the title track for, so why would they

play it!!


This review was originally posted in the Unofficial Soup Kitchen and Myspace.


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