The Alejandro Escovedo String Quintet and Bex Marshall Live 2.6.06.

Alejandro Escovedo String Quintet live 2.6.6.

At St James Church Piccadilly London.

With Bex Marshall.


It’s always a thrill to go to gigs somewhere as

special as a Wren church that both William Blake

and William Burroughs spent time in and this

show certainly lived up to the surroundings.

I had said hi to Bex Marshalls Husband Barry

Everitt on the way in as he was promoting this

show and took my pew about 4 rows from the front

and with a good view of the church and the

stage. Bex came on and wowed us all with some

very deft blues guitar and singing in a not too

weather beaten Janis Joplin style voice, she was

way better than the last time I saw her play and

both her playing and singing are now really

strong and she has a cool song about her husband

Barry along with a good few about friends who

have died or got into trouble etc. I think I

need to find her album now.

Then on came Alejandro Escovedo with his string

Quintet that had a two cellos two acoustic

guitars and Violin line up for a very cool set

of his songs and some well-chosen covers that

only made me want to actually have a few of his

records. Still he gave us some good songs about

El Paso and Mexico and also about his mother and

father, but the real highlight of the night was

a brilliant version of I wanna Be your Dog with

a twin cello solo that was incredible, and so

cool to hear that song in a church.

For the encores Alejandro gave us one song

completely acoustic with the band all standing

in the central Aisle and allowing the churches

acoustics to do the rest it was wondrous only to

be topped by an incredible closing version of

Mott the Hoople’s I Wish I Was Your Mother to

end a wonderful show in an incredible venue.

I would have bought Alejandro’s new John Cale

produced album only they sold out before I got

to the stall. Still I will have to search it

out… Now if we could only get him back with

his electric band as well as the Quintet.


Origianlly posted on Myspace and the USK.ORG


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