Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 Live at the Borderline 31.5.06.

Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 Live @ Borderline 31.5.6.

Originally PostedDate         6/5/2006

Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 @ The Borderline 31.5.6

With Stray’s Don’t Sleep and The Bedsit Poets.


Yes Steve Wynn back again with yet another album

to promote this time the 2cd one DVD Live Tick

recorded last November in Germany.

But first as I got in the Bedsit Poets were

already on and to be honest didn’t make much of

an impression other than being very mellow,

probably too mellow for a rock club, they needed

to be surrounded by candles in a smoky Parisienne

basement. Still there were many of the regular

Wynn heads to talk to and a few new ones.

Next up were Strays Don’t Sleep who were at the

end of their European tour, mostly supporting

Josh Rouse, there guitarist was playing with a

broken arm and were pretty decent band with a

seeming obsession with Liverpool bands like The

Mighty Wah and the La’s or the Coral, with a

good dose of The Waterboys thrown in for good


Then with The Borderline packed out it was time

for the Miracle 3 once more they opened with

Bruises that sounded fine out front were I was

but at the end Steve told us his Amp wasn’t

working so that while Jason Victor and Eric Van

Loo sorted out finding the spare amp round the

back and plugging it in Steve gave us an almost

solo version of Then She Remembers, which he

almost never plays anymore, that he played using

Jason’s guitar with Jason eventually adding a

few licks towards the end, then problem sorted

it was time to get down to business and a rip

roaring set to give us everything from the

raging brute force of Killing Me through to the

almost ballad like Cindy it was Always You, over

for a good freak out on Freak Star and that full

on rush of Amphetamine. By the time Steve dug

Melting In the Dark out it was certainly another

classic show that also had another awesome

version of the Days of Wine and Roses and an

encore that included Bonnie And Clyde from a

band that just keep on getting better.


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