Shimmy Rivers And And Canal Live at Madam Jojo’s

Shimmy Rivers and And Canal Live 3.5.6.


Originally Posted        5/15/2006


With Laboratoire Henry at Madame Jojo’s in Soho.


This was an invite only guest list gig for

friends of Resonance radio

to celebrate the stations fourth birthday with

DJ’ing from the Tetine crew playing lots of

Brazilian Hip Hop before Laboratoire Henry came

on and from a very mellow start showed they are

at the Jazzier end of the Improv avant garde

scene with a singer that at times sounds a lot

like Colin Newman with a very dry delivery even

when he sounds angry it is still a dry anger.

The best song of their set was the penultimate

one that was a tribute song to Henry Cow which

gives a good idea where their heads were at.

Then after a poem by James Tregaskis on came

Shimmy Rivers and And Canal who were introduced

by I guess Momma Rivers, they have been kicking

up a fair amount of fuss and airplay on

Resonance and are a tip for the future as a new

sort of hybrid of Henry Cow, The Bonzo Dog Doo

Da Band, James White and the Blacks and Frank

Zappa with shouty vocals from the 19 year old

Shimmy Rivers a stand up drummer a keyboards

girl and between 1 and three guitarists and a

bass player with two trumpets and a sax if

memory serves rightly. I believe they did a few

tunes from the self-titled debut mini disc of

there’s I have, but as I don’t have a mini disc

player I haven’t heard it yet although I got it

at least a year ago!! Still I’m sure they did

Kum Struk and Roger Will Shock You with the

drummer doing spoken word interludes and lots of

weird breaks and twists in the songs they are

really great and certainly a band to watch out

for, with the right breaks they will go far.


Originally on Myspace and USK.ORG Oh and I figured out how to play the mini disc and It is a cool artifact even if the band didn’t make it…


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