JG Thirwell & Danielle Dax Live in Brixton Library 4.5.06.

JG Thirwell and Danielle Dax Live 4.5.6.


Originally PostedDate         5/15/2006 8:11:00 AM

In Brixton Library

4.5.06. With Project Adorno, People Like Us,

Steve Lake, David Toop, Malcolm Harding and

Steve Beresford.


This will go down as the weirdest gig I have

been to so far this Millennium a total one off of

the weirdest dimensions possible.

Firstly this was part of the Lyrics in Libraries

festival and the stage was set up in the

children’s section of Brixton Library, with rows

of chairs and at the back an “Honour Bar” where

you donated what you wanted to for your self

service drinks!!

On first were the most normal act of the night

Project Adorno who were actually the two

organisers of the festival and were a couple of

very funny performance poets come librarians who

had a great rhythm to all of the pieces they


They were followed by the totally mad Steve

Lake  who was the lead singer in early 80’s punk

Band Zounds, he wore a poncho and a hat for no

apparent reason and after telling us he had

given up drugs and drinking 10 days ago just

launched into three angry songs one about the

English civil war from what I grasped of the

lyrics, he was backed by some weird noises on

backing discs that while annoying was better

than what was to come.

Next up was People like us http://www.peoplelikeus.org

which was actually one woman who she explained

had made a set of 15 minutes of music from

sampling the music in the libraries cd

collection. So we had mashed up everything from

Roy Orbison to the Carpenters through to Spike

Jones and Debussy with a little Doris Day for

good measure. This was a nice interlude before

things went totally off the wall.

Next up was David Toop who totally baffled and

bored us with the most boring mundane story that

would have sent us to sleep if it hadn’t been

for the “music” off his new album that is at the

what what what OH my god you’ve given me a

headache end of the Avant Garde spectrum he

couldn’t finish soon enough for me.

Then after the interval we had Malcolm Harding

and the Skull Defects, he read from the writings

of some woman journalist who got sent to the

arctic in the 50’s I think it was, but the story

was pretty irrelevant and not worth reading at

all, we couldn’t figure out why he bothered and

all the while the two Skull Defect made noises

from pulling and pushing wires in and out of the

soundboard and generally sounding like drills

going off in your head and other unpleasant

sounds, the sort of nonsense that provokes

people to violence to get them to shut the fuck

up! Enough already!!

If they weren’t painful enough next up was the

so called Improvising Leg-end that is Steve

Beresford and his table of tricks oh boy by this

time Jet was begging to leave and get the fuck

out of this madness the sounds he made are

totally bonkers and he used toys and weird

sound making things to make an incoherent mess of

noise for 15 minutes that seemed like three

days, my how time drags while a middle aged man

who ought to know better is assaulting my ears.

Then finally we had reached the two acts that we

were there to see, the only problem being by

this point was we were so pissed off and angry

at what we had already been subjected to it was

going to be hard to prove that is was worth the

torture to see Danielle Dax’s first British

performance in Eons following her mental

breakdown. Thankfully she has fully recovered

and was joined by Dave Knight on “Loops” and

ambient sounds.

Well Danielle looks as amazing as ever she still

has big big hair and was dressed in Pvc trousers

and New Rock Boots and a Death Or Glory t-shirt.

Her performance was as one long piece that fused

together loads of her songs into a 20 minute

spoken word part sung  piece that was full of

dark sexual imagery and her normal slightly

askew view of life she started with Comatose Non

Reaction that took us through her career and

included I think among other pieces The Spoil

Factor and Tower Of Lies with a good dose of

Here Come The Harvest Buns, while the loops were

weird they at least went well with the lyrics

and were fitting to her performance, yes at last

we had someone in front of us that was actually

performing and entertaining us, her set was over

far too quickly and hopefully she will continue

her comeback and I look forward to the possible

new album that is rumoured to be on the way.

Then to round off the evening we had You’ve Got

Foetus In Your Library which was JG Thirwell and

the violinist Angharad Davies there set started

with Angharad on the stage playing treated

violin that set off all sorts of other rumbling

sounds and Foetus himself behind the audience

speaking into a megaphone as he slowly walked

from the back of the main Library  and through

the audience and onto the stage to give us his

20 minutes of lyrics melded into one long piece

that seemed to focus on his recent work with his

normal themes of drugs and delinquent sex pain

and loathing all coming through as a nice dark

vision of the world we live in as he prepares

for another root treatment and takes some more

of the white powder, as the piece progressed

Angharad’s violin had fewer and fewer treatments

to the sounds and by the end was untreated but

never less than unsettling enough to match the

words very well indeed and while strange was a

blessed relief after the earlier noise attack.

By the time he finished we were well ready to

get the hell out and I had a headache as well as

the feeling that I had just been to one of the

weirdest nights I’ve ever been to, it will take

a lot to top this.


Originally posted on Myspace and the unofficial soup kitchen.

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