Th’ Faith Healers, The Early Years, Tinnitus Live at 93 Feet East 20.4.06.

Th’ Faith Healers, The Early Years & Tinnitus 20.4.06.

Originally Posted              4/24/2006

Th’ Faith Healers Live At 93 Feet East

Brick Lane Shoreditch 20.4.06. With The Early Years and


This is starting to become a strange year for

Un-expected reunions. First I saw Green On Red

and then news came through that the leading

lights of the long forgotten Camden Lurch scene

had reformed for a US tour brought on by the

release by of Noo Joisy

of the 4 Peel Sessions that hadn’t already been

released. There first Peel session came out in

1992 as part of the Too Pure Peel Sessions 10″

single that they shared with Label Mates

Stereolab and PJ Harvey, both of whom I saw

supporting Th’ Faith Healers back then.

But that was then and this is now so to speak

and on the same night as The Camden Crawl was

show-casing more bands than you could want to see

in one night these Camden Darlings had brought

me back to my roots in Brick Lane, a couple of

hundred yards from where my dad was born and

into the 18th century warehouse that 93 Feet

East is in.

First on were Tinnitus who back in the days of

the Camden lurch Scene were Headcleaner,

Tinnitus were being filmed by old Friend Crazy

Paul (as were Th’ Faith healers) and were making

a far more melodic racket than Headcleaner ever

did.  That might be to do with the fact that the

drummer used to have a shopping cart and some

metal drums and other assorted junk that he

bashed with mallets and now he had a normal drum


But there songs were big riff heavy angry slabs

of noise going straight to the buzzing in my


On second after I had negotiated the junkies

begging for drugs outside and inside the toilets

proving that not much had changed in the world

of Lurching around, only these days most of the

people I spoke to at the gig were much less out

of it that we used to be!

As I was saying on second were The Early Years who were late

replacements for Shimmy Rivers And And Canal who

had cancelled unfortunately, as I really wanted

to see what Shimmy Rivers is like live.

Still the Early Years in question appear to be

1987 to 1991 as they sound like a cross between

Spacemen 3, Loop, Luna, Galaxie 500 and Spectrum

lots of droning one and two chord space rock

epics that just made you want and need to get

stoned, damn this is not music to be straight

too, and glad I wasn’t by this point in the


Then finally it was time for Th’ Faith Healers

only UK show on the Reunion tour. It was also

the last show of the tour and possibly the last

show they’ll ever do, to cop someone else’s line.

Wow did they ever sound good, the intervening

years in which they have all done other stuff

has done nothing to dull there impact and may

have even improved them, as musicians as I

always remembered them being less tight than

this almost polished sound. Great slabs of Sonic

Youth meets Babes In Toyland punk was straight

in our faces. Great version of This Time and the

classic single Reptile Smile really got the

place rocking and Speed Freak Tony who was

in front of me next to Rough Trade Gary were

certainly rocking away, but then back in the day

Tony was Roxannes Boyfriend and still loves

seeing her perform as well as this, screaming at

us on Moona Inna Joon. The raw intensity really

built on the Dead Kennedys rip off of Get the

f**k out of my face. It was a real blast of

nostalgia hearing these songs again most of

which I haven’t heard since well about 1993 I

guess which would make me in need of a New

Number Two. I have to say it all became a bit of

a blur as one great tune followed another Ooh La

La and they built towards the end we got one

encore out of them as they played every tune

they had rehearsed. A great comeback and good to

see them again, I hope they don’t leave it so

long before they tour again.

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