Coal Porters, Kitty Daisy & Lewis, The Cedars 17.03.06 Archive review.

Coal Porters and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Live 17.3.06.

This review was originally on MYspace and the Unofficial Soup Kitchen.

With The Cedars Live at The Luminaire, Kilburn High Road.<
Finally made my way into just about the closest active music venue
to home, a 10 minute or so walk away from here for this great
St Patricks day show. Firstly it’s a great venue above The Kilburn
pub that I hope has a long future which as it has already started
to win awards in its first year on the scene looks likely.
Well first on were the Cedars who featured a very bluesy young
lady singing lots of sad songs of betrayal over a fairly innocuous

backing that while it held everyone’s attention really didn’t stand
out much.

Second on where Kitty Daisy & Lewis who had grabbed my attention even
before they started to play! as they set up and I looked at a stage
that had a Clavinet with a lap steel sitting on top of it, a couple
of Banjos and a couple of Guitars a Double Bass and minimal drum
kit with no bass drum but a large Bongo, it looked like they might
be at the least interesting, the fact that the very young looking

girl who turned out to be Kitty kept referring to the acoustic
Guitarist who was setting his stuff up as Dad added another
dimension, it also turned out that the Double Bass player is Mum!!
Yes and Kitty Daisy and Lewis are 12, 17, and 15 years old!! Yes
they are the new carter family and to prove it they opened with a

great version of Folsom Prison Blues after Kitty told us all they
came from Kentish Town. Lewis did his best jailbird vocals, but
I’m guessing he’s never actually been banged up, still after that
opener they showed what a great band they are by switching instruments
after almost every song of the set as we got treated to everything
from Blue Moon of Kentucky to Rock a Hoola Baby and a great version
of Hillbilly Music that featured Lewis switching from Banjo to guitar
and back to banjo mid-song. Kitty turned out to be a pretty mean drummer
and even better on the mouth organ not to mention her ukulele playing,
while Daisy switched between the drums and clavinet and banjo and bongos,
Lewis managed to play a gretch and another guitar the lap steel and

clavinet and banjo. What a band they went down a storm and at the end of
the set looked suitably surprised at how loud the calls for an encore were,
totally deserved they gave us a great version of Buena Sera Senorita that
capped off a great set by a band that can only improve as they get older.
Their debut single has already sold out and is looking like it will be way
collectible buy it if you see it.
Well could the Coal Porters live up to that, well no after Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
they were frankly a touch underwhelming, not technically as they are one fine
Bluegrass band with a Country feel to them, but Sid Griffin and the boys just
miss that Wow factor and there set cooked along nicely with good references to
St Patricks day but never really set the joint alight as that had been done
comprehensively by Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, damn what is it like to be blown off
the stage by a band who weren’t even born when you started playing it must be
a little strange.
Still it’s always good to see Sid Griffin live once in a while, it had been too

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