5 poems about Gothic Nightmares


Originally Posted Date        4/17/2006



5 Poems by my alter ego Bejesus

The Falling Titan By Thomas Banks


Titan has fallen on the rocks,

Crashing down body twisted,

Has his neck broken or just twisted,

Feet trapped by the overhanging rock,

Near perfect ass awaiting final entry.


The Good And Evil Angels by William Blake


The evil angels manacled ankle almost in flight,

Still fighting the good angel for possession,

Possession of the innocent child,

The child scared but hoping for freedom,

Can the manacle really hold back an Evil Angel?


One Too many by Richard Newton

Have we really had one too many?

Are our glasses empty,

Our bellies full,

Has the demon drink made us stupid,

Or has it given us visions,


Is the ghostly Knight quaffing for horror,

Or for some pleasure we still don’t know,

Help! Help us to decide,

Should we close them all,

Close all the pubs on Oxford Street,

So we’ll have visions no more.


Pestilence: Death Of The First Born By William Blake


Pestilence has come to smite the first born,

His tortured eyes and fish like scales,

Dancing on the bodies of the smitten,

A night of torment for the tormentors,

Time for repentance upon them.


The House Of Death by William Blake


Is that god above them,

Looking down in judgement,

Down upon the dead,

Lying on the hessian floor,

Is the naked man about to collapse in death,

What evil has his dirk wrought,

Can anyone leave the house of death,

Or is death all they have left.


Notes on These 5 poems.

All of the last five poems were inspired by the

paintings or sculptures or sketches they are

named after that are currently on show in the

Gothic Nightmares exhibition at the Tate Britain

in London.


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