Poems from our Italian trip 2013

The Parcae (sodomo) by Marco Bigio (1545)


Five muscular women stand posing,

Scantily clad with breasts that almost look implanted,

Cherubic kids collect coins from ground,

Coins fallen from an old man’s hand.


Standing on a river bank,

Across from a town in ruins,

A skeleton with Wraith stalks them,

Birds a dog and fruit trees frame them,

A scene that asks so many questions.



The Purge Of The Money Lenders From The Temple by Valentin De Bourgoyne 1591-1632


An angry confrontation as they square up,

Face to face burning anger and bile,

Face off against wrath and indignation,

Swords held aloft as trumpet is blown,

Will they vanquish the filth or not?



Roma to Firenze


A short walk from Hotel Alpi to Termini,

Leaving Termini by a ruin of a wall flyovers and housing estates,

Train lines splitting by graffittied walls,

Passed the bus garage into Roma Tiburtina,

Leaving Tiburtina by abandoned buildings,

Housing estates with balconies and out of Roma,

Light industry and fields before Settebagni,

Fields with forests in the distance,

Mountains disappearing into clouds in distance,

Horses at bottom of valley between tunnels,

Gorgeous rolling fields and olive trees,

Lots of tunnels not much in between,

Emerge to forest and mountains,

Two towns on separate mountain tops,

Church and walled town atop a mountain,

Another town perched on hill among the fields,

Hills that look like they’ve been carved,

Vini Bianchi is served with Sciacciatelli,

Remains of old viaduct by vineyards,

A herd of Goats underneath some olive trees,

Catta Del Pievea stadion we pass in isolation,

Ruins of farmhouses dotted in the fields,

Is 248KMH fast enough for our train,

Fields of solar panels with mountains across the plain,

Cool looking town between two mountains,

Pressio record plant besides the tracks,

Forest and a river across the plain,

More carved hills and forest,

So hilly we are in and out of tunnels again,

Lots of Vines either side of a town,

Some factories and another town,

Across a river as we come into Firenze,

Caravan parks and graffittied walls,

Housing estates and some churches,

Then we pull into Saint Maria Novello Station.


Adoration Of the Child with John the Baptist As A Child and Romauld, the Eternal Father and The Holy Ghost by Fillippo Lippi 1463


Dreamy floating hands by the angel,

Send shower of gold sparks down,

With a dove flying over the baby,

Down over the stepped mountain,

Mary kneels by her baby,

A boy looks away a cross in hand,

Dreamy thoughts float throughout.



The Immaculate Conception by Carlo Portelli 1566


If this is Immaculate Conception I want in,

A huge arch contains many levels of nymphs,

A scribe writes in Hebrew on papyrus,

Nymphs and babes intertwined with a ribbon,

In the centre a naked eve walks,

Walks toward Mary clothed in a red dress,

With is it god above her,

Is it Joseph at the bottom with a resigned look on his face,

Is this a party, an orgy or a calling of the angels?



Nymphs and Satyrs by Peter Paul Rubens 1698


Large group of almost naked women,

Fight against some naked men,

The men grope and grab at them,

All outside beneath some trees,

A fully clothed woman dances,

While another woman lies spent on the ground,

Cloudy blue sky above,

Dead stag lies in the foreground.

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