Dog Days Volume One by Gene Gregorits

Dog Days Volume one by Gene Gregorits (Monastrell Books) (

This book is hopefully the first in a long running saga of Gene’s down at heel drugged out almost zombie of a man who we follow through various adventures as his life falls further apart as does his relationship such as it is with Isabelle Slutzky and he is forced to move back to Harrisburg and no one should have to do that.
I read this book in a couple of days while in Amsterdam recently and it really is advised that you should only read this book while at least partially out of your mind, it is in no way a sober read and the fact that it is pretty near the knuckle and autobiographical tale of a man who still likes to cut himself means that at least for part of the book you are wallowing in Gene’s depression and wandering exactly what it was that pushed him to where he is now.
With a bit of luck in the future volumes we may get the flashbacks to the original events or you may just have to go and buy any of his earlier books to try to figure that out. If you like messages from the edge of insanity you will love this book, if you like looking down on those beneath you as scum you will hate this book. I doubt that many readers will fall into any other camps.

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