Fup A Modern Fable by Jim Dodge

Fup A Modern Fable by Jim Dodge (www.canongate.net)

For anyone already familiar with Jim Dodges other books Stone Junction or Not Fade Away Fup is a bit of a departure but not much, as this is every bit as readable and in places just as weird as you’d expect.
At just 117 pages is also a very quick and easy book to get through, it is the tale of Fup Duck a bird who was found in a fence post hole where he was being attacked by an Oversized wild Boar known as Lockjaw.
His saviours were Grandpa Jake a 99 year old gambler who has the recipe for a life enhancing whisky called Old Death Whisper that he insists is the reason for his long life and his grandson Tiny who obsessively builds fences.
They live on a remote ranch and in the course of the story a lot of Old Death Whisper gets drunk and we soon find out just how fup duck things can be. A good fun read.


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