Me myself and I by Alan Bevridge 1987 (drawing)

Me Myself And I by Alan Bevridge 1987 (Drawing)

Three clown heads above a brain,
The brain has a sword stuck in it,
The brain sits on a chessboard,
Among the chess pieces are a syringe, pills and cigarettes,

Clown on the left cries with wild afro hair,
Clown in the middle has multi-spiked hair and demented eyes,
Clown on the right has multi spiked afro with balls attached,
He also has a demented grin on his face,

The sword causes the brain to split,
Blood seeps towards the chessmen,
Pills spill out of bottles,
Almost soaking into the pool by the syringe.

Note# this drawing is currently on display at the Wellcome Institute gallery as part of the Brains The Mind as Matter exhibition. The artist made the drawing while an inpatient at the Bethlehem hospital that is better known as Bedlam. The painting is meant to symbolise what he feels it is like inside his head.


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