Two poems inspired by art at The Dulwich Picture Gallery

Extreme Unction by N. Poussin 1637-40

Extreme Unction is applied to his eyes,
The doctor in orange robes presses his eyes,
All around the bed the sick mans family prays,
Woe and worry in case extreme unction is not enough,
The scribe kneels taking notes of the reaction,
A boy serves wine to soothe the worries of extreme unction.


Saint Rosalia Interceding For Palermo 1624 by Van Dyke

Jesus and god sit in heaven an orb between them,
Cherubs hold up the clouds they sit on,
Saint Rosalia kneels on the ground next to a skull apon a book,
She towers above Palermo looking heavenward,
The harbour is sparsely populated with ships and people,
They are miniscule next to Saint Rosalia and her book,
Can she save the city and drive the plague away.



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Writer poet music freak etc etc based in London you'll find out more by reading my blogs.
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