Hack by James Wells

Hack by James Wells (www.clinicalitypress.co.uk)

Well this is a first for me a review for a book that is out on Kindle only or as a special order book at the moment from the excellent folks at Clinicality press who I thank for furnishing me with a review copy so that this neanderthal could read it as I’m still Kindless.
Hack is a very fast paced book about a Music hack living in Leeds and trying to make a living from writing music reviews for as many websites as he can, we follow as the mountain of cd’s and mp3’s coming his way for review mounts and mounts. Let alone his schedule of a gig most days, it slowly but surely gets to be too much for him and he slowly but surely gets consumed by the beast.
Along the way he gets into all sorts of drunken and stoned scrapes involving a long line of women who he has often inappropriate encounters with. He also explains his methods of writing as he splatters ever more copy around in the hope of earning enough money to scrape by. He starts using software to spin or write his reviews for him, it becomes obvious from the repeating motifs of barely rewritten sections that are like chorus’ when they come along again and again that the Hack has made a work of hacking out this book.
It is often funny and most of the gig and reviewing stories ring true if a little exaggerated in places it’s not by much, his sexual encounters are like 20 versions of the same event told from 5 points of view and tweaked a little.
Most of the bands he writes about are real with the odd fictional one thrown in when needed. I knew it would end badly but didn’t quite guess how in advacne and that’s a good thing. The book flew past and less than a week after it arrived not only had I read it but so had Jo! It made both of us smile a good bit a very good and totally up to last minute book.


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