Xpo Salvador Dali Marquis De Pubol, Belfort Brugge

Poems inspired by Museum-Gallery Xpo Salvador Dali Marquis De Pubol Belfort Brugge
Note these two poems are inspired by series of lithographs rather than one individual paining.

Casanova Memoirs 1967 by Dali

Woman ravaged by a lobster pincers in her hair,
Head between her boobs,
Tail fanning her fanny,
Woman with snail head breasts,
Woman mounts a pig that looks angry,
Dali Holds a Lorngette looing at a fine leg.

Venus In Furs Leopold Von Sacher Masoch 1969 by Dali

Naked lady with long hair stands apon a skull,
Michelin woman holds a sheet to which a naked lady is tied,
While a gent licks her pudenda,
A womans back is a vagina with corset above ample bum,
Man is whipped while wanking,
Dishevelled woman naked apart from boots,
Whips the man she stands on top of,
The temptress writhes above her supplicant.



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