St Pancras To Bruges

St Pancras To Bruges

Departure lounge in the undercroft,
Where once prostitues and dealers prowled,
Leaving the gothic splendour,
Through the Camley Street nature park,
Passing the building site of the new Kings Cross quarter,

Through the first tunnel under north and east London,
Emerging into Stratford international and back underground,
Emerging again by the remnants of Fords Dagenham plant,
Out across Rainham marshes that look flooded,
Passing the Dartford bridge and under the Thames,

Out to the concrete wasteland of Ebbsfleet station we stop,
Through a concrete viaduct and cutting we go,
Passing through Gravesend into the basket of England,
Forests fields and a golf course is all there is,
Until we cross the Medway and it’s chalk hills,
Plunging beneath Gillingham to more fields,

Sheep graze beside the line as a coat falls from above,
We race the traffic on the A20 passing Leeds Castle,
Crossing the A20 passing more fields and farms,
Through Ashford International and into the channel Tunnel,
Deep beneath La Manche we go,
Time for some underwater kissing and groping,

Emerging into France as a freight train enters the chunnel,
Passing by Franglais Vin warehouse,
Through Calais towards fields and electric pylons,
Passing parched looking forest of bare trees,
Green fields and farmland as far as I can see,
Football pitches and a flock of birds on outskirts of town,

Over a canal and by another village and more farms,
We follow the pylons through the fields,
Cool looking church in the middle of nowhere,
Graffittied walls and High rises mark our arrival in Lille,
Concrete brutalist station of Lille Europe,
Concrete cutting gives way to railway yards,
Some light industry and the road to Dunkerque,

Before more fields as we look for the border,
Is this France or Belgium before me,
Grey skies it is almost misty in the distance,
More fog than mist now fields shrouded in grey,
Farm houses sheathed in mist and fog,
Following a canal before we reach more fields,

The fog has risen as we pass delapidated farmhouses,
Several small towns mark our approach to Brussels,
Big church besides a yellow crane,
Through some industrial estate by dreamland,
Did the sign really read Dorpslein,
Ruisbroek looks full of factories,
Vorst Sud or south forest has no trees only Audi,
Decaying buildings on the outskirts of Brussels,
Massive railyards and lines into the station,

In Brussels we change trains we are now upstairs,
Out through the railyards the way we came in,
Over canals and by scrapyards,
Passing large construction site to fields,
Passing paddocks and industrial green houses,
By a small lake and river by a small town,

Wind farm by side of motorway,
Horses by large canal near Malle,
Urban sprawl and cemetary as we follow Achilles Musche,
Into Gent St Pieters Station and huge Bike park,
Leave Gent by Tram tracks and Sporthalle,

Suburban allotments with caravans,
Over canal to fields that look marshy,
Canals Caravans fields and suburban houses,
Modernist monstrosity houses in small village,
Huge industrial greenhouses next to cows in field,

Large graffittied freaks under a bridge,
Are those buildings piggeries,
Freisans sitting in a field,
Chicken coop on outskirts of Beernan,
Truly Beernan has the ugliest church anywhere,
More flat fields of the low countries,
We fly through Ooostcamp and back to fields,
Neat Suburbs lead into Brugge.


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Writer poet music freak etc etc based in London you'll find out more by reading my blogs.
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