Groeninge Museum poems inspired by the art

Groeninge Museum Poems inspired by the art.

Last Judgement by Heronimus Bosch 1500-05

Jesus sits Buddha like apon a globe high in the sky,
Beneath a city burns people fight,
Body being eaten by priestess,
Man escapes in shoe turned into a boat,
Man tied naked to a harp,
Monkey rides apon a large rat,
Priests are cooking in a cauldron,
Naked man sword through him rides a big ox,
Man turned into toad by barrel turned into fountain of wine.

____________________ ~______________________________

Don Lorenzo Bellavita Famous Dentist 1783 by Jan Anton Garmijn

Nurse holds the patient down,
As they sit by the banks of the river,
Don Lorenzo holds his head back,
While he extracts an upper tooth,
His assistant places gold in the till,
Little boy squirms with his dog,
Soup dish catches the blood,
While life continues normally in the background.


Interior With Woman 1916 by Georges Vantergerloo

At first glance just pastel daubs meaningless,
Then I catch sight of the face blue dot eyes,
Ginger hair a vague outline of a body,
Hand upon her cheek,
What is in the rest of the room no idea.


Tower Bridge 1913 by Frank Brangwyn

Tower bridge sheathed in smoke and smog,
Steam engine on the foreshore,
Looking up at the towers covered in grime,
Steamboats going under the bridge.

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