Not Fade Away by Jim Dodge

Not Fade Away by Jim Dodge (
Several years ago I read Jim Dodge’s Stone Junction after my old friend Gurbs had recommended it and loved every word of it which is why it’s strange that it took me so long to getting round to getting Jims other books, well this xmas just gone Santa delivered them to me.
Damn Not Fade Away is a great read and like the books narrator Floorboard George it is soaked in Benzedrine and flashes by at great speed so you feel like your gobbling down the bennies as quickly as the story unfolds.
The basic core of it is a guy totals his car and is picked up in the tow truck of the mysterious Floorboard George who tells him the story of how he once tried to deliver a present to the big Bopper, from one if his biggest fans. of course the Big Bopper was already dead as was the woman who wanted to gift him a 59 Cadillac. But if you’ve been hanging out in the San Francisco North Shore poetry scene digging the beats up close this sort of mission makes sense and we follow along on a roadtrip of Kerouac style proportions as he meets all sorts along the way including the great double gone Johnson.
Does he deliver the car and if so where to and why is the core of this tale and how he got to drive the car in the first place a great rip roaring ride with an old school rock and roll soundtrack that make this book more than worth finding. I now look forward to reading the other Jim Dodge book I have in the pile and trying not to want to take drugs at the rate Floorboard George does while driving his way into the legends of great road books.


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