Borrowed Light By Joolz Denby

Borrowed Light by Joolz Denby (Serpents Tail)

I probably read this book too quickly after Billie Morgan as in comparison this book was a bit of a snoozeathon as for most of the book not much seems to happen as Joolz follows the lives of some Bradfordian Exiles who are living in Polwenna and running a cafe. Most of the book seems to be about the day today drudgery of running said cafe and the cast of caracters who drift through being a healthy mix of locals and tourists and Yah’s with holiday homes.
The action that there is centres about the cafe owners “sister” and the men who become obssessed by her beauty and how the nature of the obsessions play out, the only problem is I telegraphed the ending of the book about 100 pages before it happened, it was just a case of when and how not if.
For me this is Joolz’s weakest novel so far, I do hope the new book that is due out in a month or so is far better than this one. I’d reccomend you read one of her earlier books like Corazon or Stone Baby rather than Borrowed Light. Or even find one of her poetry books like The Pride Of Lions or Errors Of Spirit. She will be on tour in the Uk during February or if you happen to be near Bradford I’m sure she’d be happy to Tattoo you in her studio.


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