Point Nemo By CJ Laity


Point Nemo by CJ Laity (www.chicagopoetry.com/press)


I’m very grateful to CJ for posting me a copy of his latest novel Point Nemo and even more grateful now I have got round to reading this novel that he wrote in two months as 2010 became 2011 and for my money it comes as close as you possibly could to fusing Kurt Vonnegut’s Tralfamador with Samuel Butlers Erewhon in that it creates an imaginary island that doesn’t show up on the normal radars and is impossible to find unless they want you to find them. (yes that also sounds like the tv show lost).


Of course as this is written now it plays as an allegory against the stupidity of the US governments clinging to the notion of the USA’s exceptionalism and all the horror show mistakes made as a result of that hubris.


The book is written in the form of being the last words of a condemned man about to be executed and could well be read within the times given at the start of each chapter as the executioner and his witnesses try to find a way to shut him up and get on with killing him as a traitor to America for siding with King Harmon and the people of Aurora that the americans rename Point Nemo.  He turns out to have been sent there as part of an American Delegation and went native so to speak, but that is about as much as I’d want to give away. Yes in places it gets confusing but is always informative.


The fact that the island manufactures almost all of what it needs from plastic made from weed and is energy self sufficient and just how they have done that is explained and it has many an illusion to the stupidity of US policy in its shoot first ask later attitude to just about everything.


The book fair flew by and I read it in about 3 days on Holiday and couldn’t wait to see how it would end and the twists at the end are pretty good too so I’d have to say get over to

www.chicagopoetry.com where CJ has been head honcho for a long time indeed and order yourself up a copy today you won’t regret it unless your a fully paid up member of the CIA or the Republican Party that is…..


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