Poems from Barcelona inspired by Miro and Picasso


Poems inspired by art at the Fundacion Miro.


Painting 1936 By Miro.


Angry white head in black cloud,


Arches of red black and yellow,


Two worlds split asunder,


Bare board left with sanity behind.




Naked Woman Going Upstairs 1937 by Miro


Gaunt starving woman climbs the stairs,


Emaciated by hunger searching for succour,


Elongated nose searching for food,


Etoliated legs barely able to climb,


Distortions of war ravaged in time.




Self Portrait 1937-60 by Miro


Dark sepia canvas line drawn figures,


Eyes and stars all around mountains and crevices,


Weird buttons and an angry heart,


All over lain by a graffitti tag,


Tag of a man drawn by a 5 year old.




Poems inspired by art at the Museum Picasso




Portrait of Aunt Pepa 1896 By Picasso


Old lady swathed in black,


Dark eyes filled with sadness,


Staring into what kind of abyss,


Dark and dank surroundings,


Looking like an old widow,


Yearning for the years she’s lost.




Decadent Poet 1900 by Picasso


The poet stands wearing a floor length cloak,


Crown of roses on his head,


A single rose held in his right hand,


Surrounded by a field of crosses,


Opaque lights glimmer through,


He recites what lines we do not know.




Two figures and a cat 1902/3 by Picasso


A naked lady lies back on a bed,


Her legs are spread her feet resting on her partners back,


Her partners head lodged deep within her thighs,


Drinking on her and bringing her to ecstasy,


The cat looks on a mere spectator,


It’s quite unsure of the partners sex.




Gored Horse 1917 by Picasso


The horse screams in agony,


All it’s legs splayed at unnatural angles,


It’s guts split open spilling out,


Musculature straining in the throes of death.


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