Poems inspired by Artworks seen in Madrid October 2011


Poems written about paintings in the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza


The Ressurected Christ 1490 by Bramantino


Pale Gaunt Christ wrapped in a toga,


Long Ginger hair, lips and eye sockets,


Standing by a ruined city beneath a crucifix,


Stigmata almost healed.




St Catherine Of Alexandria 1547 by Caravaggio


St Catherine sits in front of a spiked wheel,


Grasping a foil to her breast,


Halo above her head,


Eyes starting at something unseen,


Long dress flowing over red cushion.




Charing Cross Bridge 1891 by Claude Monet


Grey pea souper murk,


Small boat sails beneath the bridge,


No sign of any train on bridge,


Is that the houses of Parliament lurking in the fog?




The Frugal Meal 1904 by Picasso


Savagely gaunt man sits,


Skeletal arms around boney woman,


Both look dope thin,


Empty bowl before them,


Is the wine bottle empty too,


Sadness and longing for any food at all,




French Workers 1942 by Ben Sahn


The workers stand hands up,


Besides red brick wall apon which is the Vichy Decree,


Look of Resignation beneath workers cap,




The Ludwigkirche In Munich 1980 by Kandinsky


Huge crowd mills beneath the arches,


In the middle arch is a dias,


Is it a speech or an execution,


Are they there in sorrow or joy,


For politics or promenading.




Prison 1927 by Tatiana Glebova


Almost Kaleidascopic dantes inferno,


Beneath sun cages of humanity,


Defeated eyes distorted faces,


The walls are cracking,


Descending into splintered heads glassses shattered,


Horses head full of prisoners,


Stairs to despair a hand reaches out.




A Visit To London by Robert Creeley and Robert Duncan 1977 by Ronald B Kitaj


Creeley sits at a table winking at us,


Clean white shirt hands on table,


Duncan sits on floor open necked shirt on,


Medallion and V-neck sweater,


He looks askance with ennui in his eyes.




Poems about painting in the Prado Gallery.




The Education Of Achilles 1727 by Sebastian Concar.


Small temple of doric arches sits apon some rocks,


The rocks forming arches with an outcrop,


On the middle level is a minotaur,


Talking to some semi nude ladies,


People play in the water on the lower level,


Above them Achilles is by the door of the temple.




The Triumph of Death by Peter Brueghal


The coast devastated by war and death,


Bodies piled all around twisted and broken,


A skeleton beheads a man,


Men in scaffolds hanging,


Death rides a horse with cart of skulls,


Fire rages behind a screen,


Army of skeletons advances,


A lute player plays a lament to death.




Untitled 1948 by Jose Caballero


The temptress kneels apon the leg of her victim,


Her face covered by her long tresses,


Breast bursting from her waistcoat,


Goblet in her hand,


Death mask on a plinth,


Girl stood facing the wall,


The ocean is seen beyond the building.




Poems about art in the Reina Sofia Gallery




Priest Series of 8 1960-64 by Mavel Millaes


Eight priest depicted sinning like priests,


Praying over the dead skulls,


Buggering a boy while offering absolution,


Making the little boy go down inside his cassock,


Hands clasped around pin up girls,


Is he masturbating or swinging his mace,


Ready to bring his cross to bear,


The priest allows the crucified christ to piss on him,


Finally the priest as death reborn.




Guernica 1937 by Picasso


Immense black and grey suffering,


Body screams hands thrust upwards,


Fire in the building contorted bodies below,


Severed arm grasps a flower,


Light bulb in an eye,


Severed head by unlucky horseshoe,


Bulls head above screaming woman,


Screaming woman clasps her screaming baby,


Severed hand Pentagramically lined,


Dove of peace dies as does hope.




The Enigma Of Hitler 1939 by Dali


Hitler lies in an almost empty soup bowl,


A few beans for comfort,


Above hangs a broken telephone,


A tear falls from the receiver,


A bat hangs from a branch,


Grey clouds of foreboding,


A woman hides behind an umbrella,


Scared to show her face,


Deep worry for the state of man.




Poems inspired by the Delacroix Exhibition at the Obra Socia La Caixa Gallery




Jewish Wedding in Morocco 1837-41


A woman dances into the spare white room,


All around sit guests men in turbans,


A band play on a lute and drums,


Rabbi sits on floor in the foreground,


Is he enjoying the party or praying,


All the men have beards and could be muslim,


The ladies peer over a balcony,


A youth descends the stairs is he the groom?




Greece Dying On The Ruins Of Missolonghi 1826


Greece lay crushed beneath the stones,


The maiden stands on the stone crushing him,


Just a hand visible blood stains the stones,


Behind standing proud is a Moor staff in hand,


He looks out at the dark clouded sky,


The maidens arms open wide asks for salvation,


Her dark gaze seeks absolution.


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