Madrid Atocha Station to Barcelona Sants Station


Madrid Atocha Station to Barcelona Sants Station


Leaving from the turtle sanctuary of Atocha,


Protesters arriving as we depart,


Through freight yards and housing estates,


Sunblasted ochre hills,


Mountains in the distance,


Small towns of terracotta houses,


Passed empty plowed fields,


Olive trees dotted around the fields,


Sandstone clay embankments,


Movie showing on the tv screens,


Endless plain cut through with possible river,


Banda Azul Rioja Crianza 2007 is served,


Large managed forest between the fields,


Through some hills and passed a windfarm,


Small stone village in a valley,


Flock of sheep grazing on a hillside,


Through tunnels to more hills and fields,


Large vineyard and olive grove,


Kimberley Clarke factory and light industry,


Calatayud our first stop,


Fields of maize just outside station then to the hills,


Velocity 295 KM/ph Temp 17Degrees,


Over dried riverbed with endless plain,


Are those orange trees by the vines,


Another train line runs parallel across a field,


By another large wind farm and town in the plain,


Car kicks up dust on a dirt road,


Large train yard of car transporters,


Factories in the plain, motorways and houses,


Porcelenosa factory, grafitti covered buildings,


Zaragoza our second stop,


Leave Zaragoza by long tunnel,


Back to the fields and factories,


Grey clay hills hot towels brought round,


Ruins of a stone church on a hillside,


Fields of maize by a river and vines after,


More Banda Azul Rioja Crianza 2007 served,


Lunch is served as the plain continues,


While eating we crossed a winding river,


Irrigated fields besides it,


Artificial lakes supporting fields of fruit,


Llieda Prineus our next stop,


Leave passed modern bridge over river,


Old dilapidated houses and canal,


Film credits roll as the plain reappears,


Passed a solar power plant under construction,


Hills covered in olive trees finally some clouds,


Mountains in the distance sheathed in haze,


Through series of tunnels town glimpsed in the gap,


Heavy industry with lots of construction,


Camp De Tarragona our next stop,


Station in the middle of nowhere,


Lone white horse wanders through field,


Small town clings to hillside,


The sea appears in the distance,


Towns and villages line the seaside,


Much more urban sprawl through the plain,


Lots of towns dotted in the hillsides,


Through another series of tunnels,


Passed more heavy industry and several roads,


Herd of sheep grazing by the rail lines,


Another long tunnel as we approach Barcelona,


More industry and grafitti lined walls,


Barcelona Sants our final stop.




We travelled on Renfe first class as if you book the tickets with the London office first class is cheaper than second class!! it was a very comfy journey and the staff were very efficient!

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  1. Not seeing photos yet it looks like they should be there šŸ˜¦

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