a disturbed girl’s guide to curing boredom by James Harker


a disturbed girl’s guide to curing boredom by James Howell


This novel came out earlier this year and it has to be said had it come out 10 years ago it would have been dismissed as being too far fetched but living in the times we do it just seems to mirror what has gone on in recent years.


The book follows Hannah Harker as she embarks on a career as a journalist starting out on a local paper in the imaginary town of Rockingsworth where her boredom leads her to be the kind of journalist that creates the stories she reports on much like the fake sheik does, only she is by turns a fire bug and a honey trap for a football player, which gets her a job on a daily paper in London where she continues to fabricate stories that get her and her targets into ever more nasty trouble as she gets involved in terrorism and arms dealing.


As I say had I read this a few years ago I would have just scoffed at it, but now after the phone hacking and other recent scandals it has a ring of almost believeability, only I find myself getting pissed off at the authors need to invent hotels and clubs in London a city with enough to set the action in and also the way he seems to think the sex scenes are perverted and out there while never managing to get anywhere near as sick and twisted as the average Dennis Cooper book does or as out there as Warren Ellis does in Crooked Little Vein, it is sort of vanilla perversions.


Not a bad book just one that lacks something and at times seems like it was written with one eye on the breakingnews scrolling across the authors screen.

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