4 poems inspred by John Martins Apocalypse at Tate Modern

These 4 poems are inspred by Paintings in the John Martin Exhibition Apocalypse at Tate Britain.

Pan and Syrinx by John Martin 1819

Pan chases Syrinx into the river,
Forest reflected in the crystal waters,
Far off mountains beneath blue skies,
Nimbus drifting across sky,
Above the dense verdant forest.


Balshazzars Feast by John Martin 1820

Immense biblical halls beneath the tortured sky,
Thousands feasting while lightning strikes,
Coiled asp on left hissing at menorah on right,
Ladies fallen struck dumb in awe,
Distant halls with food laden tables,
Beneath arches and road above,
Chariots progress along road looking to enter the feast.


The Destroying Angel 1.4.1836 Mezzotint by John Martin

Angel buried in the gloomy sky,
Outstretched fist Ziggurat of lightning in it,
Down to strike the pyramids and city below,
Grand halls of ionic and doric columns,
Obelisks and sphinxes by rivers edge,
Boats struggle to stay afloat,
Citizens lower in the fore shore,
Begging and pleading for salvation,
Cattle and Horses flee to the hills,
Tumult of Exodus 12.29 made real.

Pandemonium 1841 by John Martin

Satan raises Mammon from the pit of fire,
City of gold and marble emerges from the blood red gloom,
Flames licking at satans feet,
Lightning tries to destroy mammon once more,
The afflicted burning in the raging lake of fire,
Will the evil of mammon remain triumphant.

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