Dog Eat Dog By Edward Bunker


Dog Eat Dog by Edward Bunker


This is a great piece of Modern noir fiction that is based in the reality of Ed Bunkers life this book follows some hardened criminals as they raise from long terms in prison and in the lead hood Troy, we follow him as he leaves prison with the certain intention of carrying on where he left off no matter how much the world has changed since he’s been away.


It makes a big play of how the world can change beyond belief if you spend say 10 to 20 years behind bars. and Troy and his compadres Diesel and Mad Dog are hell bent on living the bad life to the full and have decided it is safest to on rob those folks unable to reprt the crimes, so they rip off drug dealers and fellow crimianls and of course things go not quite according to plan.


They sopend a good amount of time driving around California and LA and gasping at how much the place has changed since they were last free to roam among the normal working stiffs.


While this book is very violent and dark it is also very funny in places as we see just how inept the always dim Mad Dog can be and while Ed Bunker actually manages to get his caracters to go to see Pulp Fiction at the cinema which of course has a cameo from Ed Bunker in it which was a nice touch.


The books messy Denoument seemed inevitable for much of the story but I would never have guessed how it all comes down or what proves to be the undoing of the three old school pro criminals the book centres around. Like the other Ed Bunker novels I’ve read it was hard to put this book down and stop reading it.


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