The Vulture by Gil Scott Heron

The Vulture by Gil Scott Heron
I was reading this book when Gil Scott Heron

died and held off reviewing it for a while, it

was his debut novel first published in 1970 and

is about growing up in black Ghetto’s of New

York in the 1960’s.

The book is drowning in poverty and drugs and

the racial politics of the time as we follow the

stories of four friends of John Lee who is the

books Murder victim and the interweaving stories

of the four caracters and there invlolvement or

otherwise in his death.

I found it hard to put down this book and it

sits well stylistically between the books of

Nelson Algren and Iceberg Slim with a slice of

Donald Goines thrown into the mix.

For a debut novel from a young writer this is a

great book, when you also look at it through the

prism of hindsight and knowing the life the

Author went on to lead it is also very prophetic

when dealing with the heartbreak and hatred that

drugs brought to the milieu Gil deals with.

A fine book well worth finding, it was a bargain

bin staple when I found my copy.



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