Sheriff McCoy by Andy McCoy

Sheriff McCoy by Andy McCoy   
Subtitled Outlaw Legend Of Hanoi Rocks.

This is Andy McCoys telling of his own rock & 
Roll Legend and is stuffed with great stories of 
his sex and drugs and rock & roll life.
There is no shying away from the bad side of his 
and Hanoi Rocks legendary intake of drugs and 
there rapacious use of groupies.
Throughout all the sex and drugs Andy conveys 
how much hard work he put into learning to play 
his guitar and learning to speak several 
languages, it is surprising to find out this 
Finnish Legends first language was actually 
Swedish followed by English then Finnish.
But when he dishes the dirt about Vince Neil and 
his part in the death of Razzle, or about how 
Steven Adler got thrown out of Guns & Roses 
there is enough humility in the telling of these 
tragic tales to make me sympathetic to most of 
the people involved except messrs Neil and Adler 
who really don't come out well. 
It comes to something when even Axl rose comes 
out of this tale pretty well. Andy does a fair 
amount of drug rehab preaching but also tells 
some very funny stories about being 
mindblowingly stoned on tour in India and Japan 
etc to make this book a must have read for 
anyone who likes his music with Hanoi Rocks or 
his other bands from Briard to Iggy Pop and 

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