Right As Rain by George Pelecanos

Right As Rain by George Pelecanos   
Next in the book review pile is another great 
crime novel by George Pelecanos this is another 
in the long running Derek strange series of 
books and would have been written just before he 
got involved in writing the Wire.
As ever this is a fast moving book set in 
Washington where a couple of Private dicks are 
hired to find who killed an off duty black cop.
In among the exploration of the racial 
segregation in the police force and the 
assumptions made that guaranteed minimal 
investigation and cover up where the order of 
the day.
If you have read a few of Georges books you'll 
have a good idea of how this one is going and as 
ever there are enough twists that you don't ever 
guess everything that will happen.
I liked the look of this book so much I managed 
to buy it twice before I got round to reading it 
and have already given the other copy away....

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