Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzler

Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzler   
This book had sat on my to read pile since it 
was given away with The Guardian in 1999 and 
having finally got round to it I have to say I 
should have read it much sooner.
Arthur Schnitzler manages to pack an incredible 
amount into the books 99 pages many other 
writers would take about 350 pages to tell the 
story Arthur does of a Married Couple who start 
to explore each others sexual fantasies in 
Vienna pre world war 1.
The book takes us into the weird festish clubs 
and brothels of the time and is full of some 
very out there sexual proclivity. It's a great 
read and is like an Egon Schiele painting come 
to life on the page. 
But also gives us insight into how the society 
looked down on those who didn't fit in.
The clubs have secret passwords and rules of 
engagement that leads fridolin far deeper in 
than he wants to go while he tries to "save" a 
girl he meets in a very bizarre club indeed. 
I found this book to be readable enough that you 
could get through it in a long weekend.

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