Cornwall Ompleted

Cornwall completed   
Mon, May 16,2011

We were meant to give the car back on the Sunday
Morning but having been told that the office is
shut on Sundays and to just pop the keys through
the letter box we took advantage and went for
another drive this time heading for Cape
Cornwall althoguh we took the long route and
went through some great country lanes and found
a very cool looking stream and the brilliantly
named Grumbla a small hamlet with a couple of
farms and a few houses. We also found Jo a nice
herd of Pedigree Holstein cows before as we went
through St Just I spotted the signpost for Cape
Cornwall and we made our way to Britains only

House aboce Cape Cornwall

The Cape itself is spectacular and you arrive at
it down a real humdinger of a road that leads
into a car park that you need a good handbrake
to park in. We could see a great big stone
mansion on top of the hill and walked down
towards the Cape when we saw a samll and
discreet sign telling us who owns Cape Cornwall
I would have guessed the National Trust but
instead found out it is the Heinz 57 Varieties
Cape Cornwall! Since when did they own national
teasures like this and manage not to plaster
there logo anywhere!

View inland from Cape Cornwall

It is a vertiginous walk up to the lookout point
with glorious views it was windy but not too bad
and I'm very glad the guys in the Friday Night
club mentioned it as being better than lands end
they weren't wrong.
Pedigree Holsteins near Grumbla

Pedigree Holsteins near Grumbla

We then continued round the country lanes and through
 Sancreed and Drift and back over through Mousehole

Morrab Park

once more, we couldn't resist another look as we slowly got back to Penzance and dumed the car.

We then walked through the quiet town looking
for a good pub for Lunch the first one was good
for a drink of Betty Stoggs for me and a Press
Gang for Jo but not for Lunch so we walked down
Morab Road and passed where the rugby players
were being interviewed by the local tv ahead of
the big match to the promenade to find some good
sandwiches for lunch.
After Lunch we spent a a good while on the prom
watching the sea crash in and splash us and
anyone else down there as a storm whipped up and
it was no surprise when we found out the boats
that go out on sightseeing trips were not going
in the current weather so we walked on instead
and ended up looking round the very cool Penlee
Memorial Park and inevitably back in the Dolphin
Inn supping on more Beer.
In the evening we went back to the Navy Inn and
had the best meal fo the trip! Damn they are
worth all the rosettes on the wall the food was
great we were both well stuffed by the end of
the evening and in need of a good walk or is
that stagger back to the hotel. We beat the
arrival of a hell of a Thunder Storm back to the
hotel by about 10 minutes, it kept us watching
it light up the sky out of the window as the
rain lashed down for a good while.

On the Monday we spent the time we had left
walking round Penzance again and going into the
Sub tropical Morrab Gardens that have some very
coolsculptures among all the exotic Flora that
grows in the cornish climate and waqy back when
would have been the first place you could plant
anything exotic coming off the ships. We also
found some good fuge and cornish pasties for the
journey home and just before we went to catch
the train one last cornish Rattler over lunch in
a cafe that overlooks Penzance Harbour.
I spent the journey home with my head firmly
stuck reading over 160 pages of a book!!
I look forward to our next trip down to see Lisa
and Martyn and the twins....

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